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Connect with over 30 million consumers with one of the most popular fuel rewards programs in the US. 

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Age and identity verification integrated with Offer Network

Reach and Reward New Customers 

Generate awareness, revenue, and long-lasting loyalty with our innovative marketing platform, Fuel Rewards®. Customers earn savings for shopping, dining, traveling, and making day-to-day purchases.

Combine Payment and Loyalty Programs 

Simplify the savings for your customers by connecting payment cards and platforms to the Fuel Rewards® network. This allows customers to easily earn cents-per-gallon savings when they shop.

Double the incentive to shop with your brand by integrating Fuel Rewards® into your existing loyalty program. Customers will receive real-time rewards in a seamless experience. You can also convert Fuel Rewards® currency into other options for flexibility in your offers and promotions.

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Enhance Your Online Experience 

Connect with customers online through the FR app and Consumers can earn cents-per-gallon savings when they shop, book vacations, or complete any e-commerce transactions using your unique link through the Fuel Rewards network. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction 

Build ongoing customer relationships by regularly delivering valuable rewards. Or attract new ones faster with instant rewards. 

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