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Optimize your c-stores with Retail Site Management

PDI Enterprise Retail with Retail Site Management delivers the next generation of solutions to help you transform your business.

Your business must be agile. That’s why you need automated software that evolves with your business. With the new generation of retail management tools, you can easily add innovative new capabilities that streamline your operations and free your staff from labor-intensive tasks.

Retail Site Management—a cloud-based, site-level solution—connects your store operations directly to the Enterprise database, transforming your inventory management system into an always-connected portal.

Retail Site Management provides key benefits for managing your store operations:

Efficiency: Automate tasks and create more efficient workflows 

Mobility: Manage tasks wherever and whenever you want 

Integration: Eliminate manual updates with seamless integration 

Time: Streamline software deployment to the mobile app 

Accuracy: Avoid inaccuracies with real-time data capturing

Transforming your sites with Retail Site Management helps modernize your business. 

  • Next-Generation Lottery Tracking Tools: Decrease labor and increase control while helping your staff quickly scan barcodes to perform real-time lottery count calculations and automatically identify discrepancies. 
  • PDI Enterprise Foodservice: Make timely, accurate business decisions to grow sales, control waste, reduce costs, optimize efficiencies, automate forecasting, and create a one-of-a-kind foodservice experience with improved margins. 
  • Electronic Shelf Labels: Apply the latest retail marketing technology and pricebook integration to eliminate costly traditional pricing processes, enable real-time pricing accuracy, and increase revenue with dynamic pricing and marketing capabilities—with a typical ROI within 12 to 16 months. 

Retail Site Management redefines operational efficiency by aligning processes with the real-world flow of retail operations. The modern technology stack and SaaS framework bypass legacy technology requirements so you can focus on streamlining your business.  

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