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Restaurants and Other Retail

Modernize and secure your restaurants and retail sites with leading-edge technology and services.

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We Help You Transform Your Business

Today’s restaurant business climate is defined by operational complexity, tight profit margins, and hiring challenges. What if you had the technology to streamline operations, simplify management, and prevent cyberattacks?

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of customers who place online orders become repeat customers

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of businesses have been hit by ransomware

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Delight Your Guests

Turn technology into a competitive advantage with a unified network platform and cloud-based services that accelerate your digital transformation. Build an agile IT infrastructure that lets you deliver a superior guest experience.

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Avoid Cyberattacks

If you’re not actively preventing, detecting, and responding to security threats 24/7/365, your sites might be at risk. Fully managed PDI security services can elevate your security posture without tying up your IT budget and resources.

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Retain Customers with Eco-Minded Innovations 

PDI sustainable carbon offset programs can increase loyalty in new ways.

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