Increase visibility and predictability throughout your supply chain with the latest fuel logistics solutions from PDI.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage 

Plan and implement a sustainability strategy for your fleet

Data-Backed Fuel Logistics Solutions

Efficiently manage complex deliveries across your entire fuel and petroleum ecosystem with logistics solutions software designed for retailers, wholesalers, and carriers across the globe. We offer end-to-end solutions that increase visibility and scale up quickly as your business grows.

Efficiently Manage Inventory 

Optimize your fuel and petroleum inventory by forecasting optimal loads and identifying the best delivery window times to maximize gallons for each load. Reduce split loads and eliminate preventable run-outs. Our automated order management system continuously monitors real-time inventory levels to automatically generate orders: 

• Forecast optimal loads

• Improve efficiency

• Gain real-time visibility

• Reduce supply costs

Logistics manager using tablet with fuel truck in background.
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Streamline Scheduling 

Increase your productivity and visibility of available drivers and vehicles with real-time delivery status updates from the field. React faster to unplanned events by optimizing internal and external resources with automated scheduling. And reduce dispatch costs with in-truck mobility solutions for streamlined communications between drivers and dispatchers for:

• Easier scheduling

• Increased productivity

• Better visibility

• Responsive customer service

Increase Transparency 

Build trust and keep carriers, dealers, and customers up to date with order and delivery details. Real-time data insights enable you to optimize your fuel supply sourcing and keep your customers happy. Manage your fuel and gas logistics with intelligent software solutions to improve your company’s bottom line.

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