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Connect your brand with new customers by leveraging flexible retail marketing solutions and consumer apps.

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Reach More Customers with Retail Marketing

Our marketing experts can help you connect like never before. Access millions of potential customers, along with the expertise to engage them and create long-time users. We’ll help you amplify your brand with customized retail marketing solutions, including mobile app advertising and customer loyalty programs infused with data-driven performance insights.

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25 Million

Fuel Rewards® members 

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$100 Billion

in receipt-level transaction data

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27 Million

active monthly GasBuddy app users

Connect Directly with Customers

Consumer app marketing is a powerful way to expand your brand and engage your audience. Put your brand in front of the largest audience of gas station and convenience store shoppers with GasBuddy Advertising. Or utilize a customer loyalty program designed specifically for your brand. Either way, we’ll support you with data and insights to optimize your marketing strategies.

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Expand Brand Reach

Millions of users regularly interact with PDI technology, so why not turn our reach into greater visibility for your brand? PDI offers powerful marketing solutions to help you build successful growth strategies and drive customers to your brand. Connect with users in real time by utilizing a mobile app strategy featuring consumer apps and customer loyalty programs geared specifically toward drivers and convenience shoppers.

FAQ: How to Engage Customers in Retail

How does PDI connect brands so they can engage with new customers? 

With a network of millions of convenience store shoppers, PDI helps your brand attract new customer attention. These shoppers frequently interact with PDI technology and are ready to make new purchase decisions each day. Will your brand catch their attention? 

We analyze customer data insights to help you send targeted offers that increase your customer retention and build loyalty. Our experienced team supports you with the right marketing strategy that will get the most value for your brand—everything from implementation to ongoing optimization. 

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What business challenges can be solved with this solution?

When it comes to growing your brand reach, PDI lets you access millions of potential customers through our fuel and convenience network. Tap into new strategies for engaging with customers in retail: 

  • Need to increase sales and customer retention? Create lasting loyalty with high-value, personalized offers and rewards. 
  • Not sure where to focus your resources? Access data-driven performance insights that run your automated campaigns—saving you time. 
  • Trying to expand your target audience? Engage millions of mobile app users ready to make a purchase at a convenience store. 

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What type of consumer brands do you work with? 

PDI currently serves over 200,000 sites in the fuel and convenience retail industry worldwide. With a wide range of solutions and services, we’ve established industry expertise you can rely on. You’ll have easy access to powerful data on the latest shopper behaviors and convenience retail trends.

Whether you’re part of a national brand aiming to drive sales or a local brand starting up your marketing strategy, PDI can help you build the right plan to deliver the right outcomes for your business. 

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Why should I choose PDI as my partner? 

With 40+ years of experience, PDI keeps its finger on the pulse of the fuel and convenience retail industry. We continue to refine and expand our offerings so you can stay ahead of the game with a people-first approach backed by proven experience and results. 

Our solutions equip you with the tools to improve customer engagement and amplify your reach every day. Discover all the possibilities for your brand! 

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Retain Customers with Eco-Minded Innovations

PDI sustainable carbon offset programs can increase loyalty in new ways. 

Elevate Your Retail Marketing Strategy

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