ERP Automation Case Study: How PDI Increased Folk Oil’s Loyalty Spend

Executive Overview

Industry: Convenience Retail

Size: 35 Stores

Solution: PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions, PDI Enterprise

Business Challenges

  • Needed an ERP solution that could unify entire operation
  • Needed better business reporting and insights
  • Needed an integrated platform for all promotions and programs
  • Needed to increase value of in-store purchase and attract new and younger members
  • Needed to defend against competitive fuel discounts and rewards

Solution Overview – PDI Enterprise and PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions

PDI Enterprise provides convenience retailers and petroleum marketers the tools to drive efficiency and time-saving automation into every part of their operation.

PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions is a complete, end-to-end solution that allows marketers and operators to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and drive higher revenues and profits.

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Folk Oil increased in-store loyalty member spend by 21% in one year

Customer Results

  • Increased operational visibility and access to timely data
  • Increased forecourt and backcourt loyalty member spend by 10% in one year
  • Reduced manual processes and increased efficiency with automation
  • Over 125,000 new members joined loyalty program

“[With PDI] you will be able to run your business from top to bottom, everything in one complete package.

– Amber Beattie, Folk Oil Co.

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