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Welcome to the new PDI. Welcome to the most powerful suite of technology solutions for convenience retail, petroleum wholesale and carriers, and the CPG companies that market to consumers throughout the industry.

PDI Technologies

New Name and look

The same customer-first principles, now with more innovation from PDI Technologies.

Welcome to the new PDI

Whether you’re a single c-store, a multi-site operator, or a global energy company, PDI helps you increase operating efficiency and productivity while building consumer loyalty–all to accelerate your growth and profitability.

Our industry is more dynamic than ever, so our customers need us to help them navigate a changing landscape: the predicted rapid growth of EVs and other alternative energies, greater concerns about security and data privacy, labor shortages, supply chain constraints, competitive consolidation, and more. That’s where nearly 40 years of industry experience comes into play. 

No other companies can credibly claim more industry knowledge or visibility into consumer data. Nor can they offer better insights or deliver more powerful solutions that work better together. We are driven to lead an industry transformation through easy-to-use back-office and front-office software; advanced data integration; and leading-edge point-of-sale programs. And we achieve all this with an expanding commitment to protect our customers’ data with advanced security solutions that help them avoid the growing threat of cyber disruptions.

As of August 25, 2022, we are PDI Technologies! Our rebrand is the result of ongoing efforts to integrate our solutions into one global company, to better serve our team, customers, partners, and industry.

We’ve redesigned our visual language — spanning logos, colors, icons and typography. It unifies everything we currently do at PDI and sets the stage for what’s coming next. Bold, unique, and decidedly nordic, this is our new brand and logo.

Woman holding cell phone smilling while in drivers seat of car.
PDI Technologies

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We’ve updated our social media channels to reflect our new name.






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