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Our fuel and petroleum transportation logistics software automates processes and increases productivity for your fleet and third-party carriers.

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Our logistics and supply chain management software solutions keep carriers and haulers across the world moving with precise efficiency. From vehicle tracking to inventory management, you get a complete fleet management solution to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.

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Optimize Operations

Improve planning and dispatch with PDI transport logistics software solutions. We provide end-to-end visibility across your entire supply chain, so you can confidently manage your trucking and fleet operations. Discover the benefits of having a unified logistics management software system that meets all your needs.

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Automate Scheduling

Keep everyone on track and save time with our automated scheduling solutions. PDI logistics management software reduces paperwork and provides a single solution to handle your deliveries. Maintain schedules, improve driver safety, and streamline truck management with this robust planning tool.

Improve Visibility

Get a better look at your trucking and fleet operations with one source to handle everything from real-time inventory management and monitoring to tracking truck movements in the field. Partner with PDI to get the right logistics management system and increase visibility over your most vital operations.

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FAQ: Transport Logistics Software

What is transportation and freight logistics software? 

Transportation logistics software—also known as trucking logistics software, freight logistics software, or transportation optimization software—enables greater supply chain visibility and efficiency for fuel transport businesses. It automates your processes to save time, increase accuracy, and scale your business growth. 

From robust forecasting tools and automation to in-truck billing and route monitoring, it’s time to let your technology work for you. PDI offers a comprehensive solution that reduces complexity and provides visibility at every stage of your fleet management operations.  

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What business challenges can be solved with this solution? 

Discover how you can benefit from centralized, intuitive logistics management software. Closely monitor your operations while improving productivity. Get powerful tools to solve these business challenges and more: 

  • Looking to eliminate paperwork and reduce errors? Go digital and break free from the limits of manual, outdated systems. 
  • Need to improve delivery efficiency? Use real-time, in-truck solutions to optimize routes and manage billing. 
  • Trying to increase visibility? Benefit from streamlined communications with drivers and third-party suppliers. 
  • Not sure how to improve your fleet operations? Use powerful data insights to make informed business decisions.

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What type of trucking businesses do you work with?

PDI currently provides logistics solutions to customers in over 38 countries across the globe, helping them deliver nearly 100 billion gallons of fuel each year. Whether you run a small operation or manage an extensive fleet, PDI has solutions to fit your current business needs and prepare you for growth.  

As you search for the right logistics optimization software, it’s important to find a partner that understands your current needs and has experience working with other businesses like yours. PDI has decades of experience working with the fuel and convenience retail industry and has insight into the challenges you face each day. 

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Why should I choose PDI as my freight logistics software provider?

The convenience retail and petroleum industry increasingly depends on closer connectivity and faster transformation—across the entire supply chain and technology ecosystem. What worked yesterday will no longer satisfy the evolving demands of today’s consumers.  

With 40+ years of industry experience, PDI can help you stay ahead of the curve. We provide solutions and services to over 200,000 fuel and convenience retail sites worldwide. Discover how our trucking and transportation logistics software can empower you to increase your profits and productivity.

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I want to learn more about specific features and pricing.

Ready to get a more detailed look at all the powerful features PDI offers? Our team is available to answer your questions and help you visualize the benefits for your fuel transportation business. 

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The fuel industry is changing rapidly, and we can help you adapt faster.

Optimize Your Fuel Transport Business

See how we can help you streamline your trucking and fleet operations. 

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