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Convenience Retail

Optimize your fuel and convenience retail business with compelling insights, market trends, and data analytics.

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We Get the Science of Convenience

Access proven success and expertise with our convenience retail solutions. PDI works with gas stations, convenience store chains, and single-site operators to reduce complexity and save time. Discover how our convenience store software and services help solve the unique challenges that you face every day.

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Increase Profits

Maximize your margins and store sales with valuable insights into how customers shop and spend, using convenience retail trends to guide your business strategy. PDI delivers a fuel pricing advantage to keep you competitive, loyalty programs to retain customers, and inventory management and analysis down to the ingredient level so you always have what your customers want.

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Simplify Operations

Automate processes, increase transparency, and improve business agility with convenience retail logistics solutions that easily integrate into your day-to-day operations. Gain full visibility into your supply chain and streamline your convenience retail operations in real time using proven AI technology. Convenience stores and gas stations worldwide trust PDI for powerful business solutions.

Secure C-Store Data

Achieve peace of mind while simplifying your convenience retail operations with fully managed security services. PDI provides continuous monitoring by skilled professionals ready to respond to cyberthreats 24/7/365. Our cloud-based network management services provide secure connectivity across your fuel and convenience retail sites.

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FAQ: Convenience Store Software Solutions

What is convenience store software?

Convenience store software—also known as convenience store management software, c-store software, or gas station software—helps you cohesively manage the day-to-day operations of a retail business. In an industry with constant consumer foot traffic and a variety of ongoing daily operations, things can get complex. 

A well-designed c-store retail solution automates and simplifies everything from inventory management and foodservice to loyalty programs and payment processing. PDI not only provides time-saving technology, but also harnesses the power of analytics and AI to help you make data-driven decisions for continued success. PDI also provides fully managed security services with expert support, giving you peace of mind as you focus on growing your business. 

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What business challenges can be solved with this solution?

When it comes to simplifying your operations and investing in the future of your business, we’ve got you covered. Discover how you can benefit from letting technology and automation work for you. We offer solutions to solve these business challenges and more: 

  • Need more customers in your store? Amplify your brand using PDI’s extensive network to reach new markets and potential customers.
  • Trying to increase customer retention? Engage consumers and create loyal customers with consumer behavior insights and loyalty reward programs.
  • Need to protect your assets from inevitable cyberattacks? Reduce stress by utilizing fully managed network and cybersecurity services from PDI.
  • Looking to make the most of your resources? Increase productivity and streamline your operations with automation and data insights.

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What type of c-store businesses do you work with?

PDI currently serves over 200,000 sites in the fuel and convenience retail industry worldwide. Whether you’re a small chain of retail stores, a nationwide or worldwide c-store brand, or a single-site operator, we offer tailored solutions to address your specific business needs. PDI can support you in increasing your profits and simplifying your operations.

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Why should I choose PDI as my c-store software provider?

Tap into decades of industry experience with PDI as your partner. Our convenience store software will not only help you manage your current operations more efficiently, but also set you up for continued growth and success. PDI helps businesses like yours thrive with a people-first approach backed by proven experience and results. Rest assured you’ll be supported every step of the way with our dedicated customer support team.

With 40+ years of experience, PDI keeps its finger on the pulse of the fuel and convenience retail industry. We continue to refine and expand our solutions so you can stay ahead of the game. With powerful solutions that serve as the backbone of the convenience ecosystem, we help prepare your business for whatever comes next.

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I want to learn more about your specific features and pricing.

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2024 “Sustainability, EV, and Convenience Retail Survey Report”

Better understand consumer sentiment around sustainable products and businesses.

Simplify Your Convenience Store Operations

Learn how we help single and multi-site convenience retail operators.

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