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Increase CPG sales and connect with customers through better product visibility, actionable insights, and more effective engagement.

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CPG Software and Insights:
Greater Visibility Equals More Customers

Get in front of more customers faster. Our unmatched convenience retail reach and CPG software solutions can help you promote your brand with national and regional offers across thousands of locations. With powerful analytics tools and strategies, PDI can help you maximize your profits on consumer packaged goods.

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Leverage CPG Data Insights

Gain a competitive edge with shopper data at your fingertips. Our consumer packaged goods industry trends and insights provide a clear view of what’s happening today, helping you establish benchmarks for future data-driven decisions about your products. Explore powerful CPG analytics and software solutions that help you analyze consumer behavior and dig deeper into your sales data.

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Differentiate Your Brand

Set yourself apart from the competition with our marketing technology, loyalty, and offer network. We can help you target consumer interest with regional and national promotional programs that deliver impressive results. Find new growth opportunities and track key performance metrics using extensive CPG data analytics.

Build Customer Loyalty

Transform sales into repeat business with loyalty campaigns backed by data analysis. We’ll help you automate processes and provide the modern tools to manage your customer relationships. Discover new CPG solutions, not only for marketing to potential customers, but for building lasting loyalty and connections with existing customers.

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FAQ: CPG Analytics and Software Solutions

What is Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) software?

CPG software—which includes functionality such as CPG analytics and CPG data insights—helps CPG brands get in front of the right customers at the right time. By analyzing consumer sales data, you can pinpoint trends and leverage insights to drive positive business results.

PDI provides powerful analytics tools that help you identify opportunities from a national level all the way down to local markets. Make the most of your resources by monitoring the effectiveness of promotions and understanding what resonates with your target audience. PDI can also assist you in building strong customer loyalty programs with a wide range of expert marketing and creative support.

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What business challenges can be solved with this solution? 

When running a CPG business, marketing your brand is essential. Not only do you want to expand your reach, but you want to do it effectively to optimize your resources and reach the right audience. With PDI as your partner, you can gain the benefits of connecting with the largest promotion network in the convenience industry:

  • Looking to differentiate your CPG brand? Tap into unparalleled network reach to elevate your brand’s visibility. 
  • Trying to make more data-driven decisions? Use powerful data analytics and insights to compete more effectively and grow efficiently. 
  • Need to create a new or refine an existing loyalty program? Leverage PDI expertise to design, deploy, and analyze a successful program.  

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What type of CPG brands do you work with?

PDI works with CPG brands of all sizes and at all phases of their marketing strategy. We work with you to determine what kind of support your business needs. PDI can help you expand your targeted promotions through in-store, email, and other digital marketing channels, along with intuitive analytics tools to measure success. Through access to over 55,000 convenience locations and over 30 million active consumer app users, PDI has data-driven recommendations and insights for effectively growing your business. 

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Why should I choose PDI as my CPG software provider?

PDI is your first and last stop for the convenience retail channel. Gain access to the largest promotional network in the convenience industry to help you engage consumers at scale. PDI connects you to millions of active users within popular apps like GasBuddy and Shell Fuel Rewards.  

By working with PDI, you get one integrated partner that brings you network access, media connections, CPG analytics tools, loyalty programs, and decades of industry expertise. Discover the benefits for your business today.  

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I want to learn more about specific features and pricing.

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