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Meet consumers where they are. Send your targeted offers and rewards to millions of users in some of the most popular branded apps.

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Make It Personal

Learn how to better understand your customers so you can target the right ones with the right offers. Reward your customers in the store or at the pump with targeted engagement.

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25 Million

Fuel Rewards® members

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$100 Billion

in receipt-level transaction data

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27 Million

active monthly GasBuddy app users

Make Data Meaningful

Make more and better connections with consumer engagement solutions that are customizable, scalable, and backed by analytics to help you improve your program over time.

Offer Rewards

Reach new audiences and increase brand engagement by joining our Fuel Rewards program. Members earn cents-per-gallon rewards for their daily purchases and you get rich data in return. It’s a proven way to generate revenue and long-lasting loyalty.

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Automate Campaigns

Let data do the work. We create consumer journeys that nurture customers, delivering the right offers and messaging at the right time, to take the manual work out of your program administration.

Go Mobile

Our mobile solutions engage millions of users who are planning to make a stop at a gas station or convenience store. Leverage our apps to influence their shopping behavior.

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More Ways to Reach More Customers

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Fuel Rewards®

Let’s team up. Connecting your brand with the Fuel Rewards® audience generates awareness, revenue, and long-lasting loyalty. Members can shop, dine, book travel, and make purchases that earn them cents-per-gallon rewards—making it one of the most preferred loyalty currencies among consumers.

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Reach over 12 million monthly active GasBuddy app users with targeted marketing messaging. Gain a competitive advantage to increase sales and improve your customer experience. Over 20 million gas station reviews and ratings are on the app.

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Align your business goals with our expertise to create a loyalty program that delivers incremental value. We offer guidance on design, management, and ongoing program optimization with:

  • Program artwork, including logo and card design
  • Mobile app design
  • Lifecycle-based member communications
  • Dedicated CE manager with enhanced service plan
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Insights and Analytics

Plan and make informed adjustments to your loyalty and engagement programs with expert insights and analytics. We make monitoring business trends, building loyalty, and measuring promotions easy.

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