Outside the US? Here’s What PDI Connections Live 2024 Can Do for You

The PDI international team at UNITI expo 2024
The PDI international team at UNITI expo 2024

The United States of America: the country of Convenience. But don’t say this to my PDI colleagues from Ireland–they will have a thing or two (or perhaps more) to show you when it comes to the convenience landscape, especially in Dublin. And they will definitely share their excitement about the newly launched “Extra” loyalty program by Circle K. 

While I will rely on their decades-long industry experience and leave the “beef” between the US and Ireland unsettled, allow me to brag just a little about the undisputed birth-country* of the modern convenience store: the United States of America. 

From previous travels in the US in pre-pandemic times, I still remember the beer cave I entered at a RaceTrac station. I was mesmerized as a consumer and thought to myself “would this ever be a thing in Germany where I live, the country of inconvenience?” 

I stumbled upon an industry-insider answer to that years later in the PDI Tracking Convenience Report. Published in May 2024, the report shows that c-store beer sales are negatively impacted to a significant degree if the c-store is located near a liquor store or a grocery store that sells alcohol. (As a side note, I highly recommend downloading the report to see the exact impact…it’s quite interesting.) This proximity issue is often the case in Germany–at least where I live–so I take back what I said: it’s not you, Germany. It’s simply the market dynamics! 

Insights like that highlight the importance for operators in the convenience and mobility industry around the world to keep an eye on multiple regions beyond their own. Not to mindlessly copy what others do, but to get inspired and shorten the learning curve by obtaining key takeaways and insights into what others have already tried. 

If you’re looking for a place to find exactly that–apart from the legendary NACS show and the very interesting UNITI expo–look no further than PDI Connections Live. This industry event represents an evolution of the annual PDI Users Conference, expanding it into a comprehensive industry-wide gathering. It brings together leaders in the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale sectors for four days of networking, education, and innovation.

So, what’s “in store” (pun intended) for any international visitors interested in attending Connections Live 2024 this August in Washington, DC?  

  • Inspiration and a welcoming community: First and foremost, Connections Live is intentionally designed to be a melting pot of ideas and innovations. The goal is to ensure that every attendee, regardless of where they come from, leaves with new insights and practical knowledge they can implement in their own markets. 
  • Thought-provoking industry leadership sessions: How can technology help you address your workforce challenges? What are some best practices for engaging with Gen Z-ers? What’s the industry sentiment about EV and alternative fuels? How’s AI influencing the industry? You can hear different perspectives from a wide range of attendees to help you understand the latest trends and technologies. 
  • Non-stop networking opportunities: Connections Live offers unparalleled opportunities for direct interaction with industry leaders and innovators, including PDI product experts. The event fosters an environment where you can share insights, discuss best practices, and learn from the experiences of others who face similar challenges in different markets. It’s these conversations and connections that often lead to the most profound learning experiences. 

Now you know there’s something “brewing” at Connections Live this year and beyond, and it’s not just the breakfast coffee! Be sure to check out the event agenda and see whether a trip to Washington, DC might be a smart way to enhance your expertise and reinvigorate your business. 

* In 1927, the Southland Ice Company began selling eggs, milk, and bread from one of their icehouse storefronts in Dallas. This company is known today as 7-Eleven. 

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