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Realize immediate gains in accuracy and efficiency by empowering drivers and dispatchers with a connected, paperless experience.

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Drive Real-Time Insights through Automation

Gain real-time visibility into fuel deliveries, automate workflows with a simplified user experience, and support timely reconciliation and billing. Driver mobile apps from PDI fully integrate with your dispatch solution, enabling paperless distribution and seamless, real-time communication.

Simplify Your Workforce Automation

PDI Logistics In-Truck Solutions deliver real-time visibility into fuel deliveries with full integration to your dispatch for a seamless driver experience. Enable your fleet management by: 

  • Empowering dispatchers with real-time geofence alerts and GPS track and trace, as well as product, delivery, and truck status updates
  • Minimizing human errors with an intuitive user experience, customizable workflows, and visualizations
  • Increasing driver productivity with complete shift, trip, loading, and delivery data in one convenient mobile dispatch app

Business Challenge:

Jacksons Case Study

  • Jacksons, a convenience retailer and petroleum wholesaler/distributor, needed to unify their disparate systems and streamline their billing and dispatch operations.
  • Using PDI Logistics In-Truck, Jacksons created timely, customized reporting for faster, actionable decision making.
  • The company has reduced their paperwork processing by over 80% while simplifying load and order management in addition to improving dispatch forecasting and resource allocation.

Business Challenge:

TOTAL Case Study

  • TOTAL, a crude oil refiner with a fleet of over 175+ trucks, needed a paperless automation engine to drive their distribution business.
  • Using PDI Logistics In-Truck, TOTAL increased operational efficiencies with paperless transactions and automated accounting to simplify workforce automation.
  • The company has also increased their transparency while modernizing digital communications with third-party suppliers. 

Increase Operational Efficiency

Support a multitude of fuel products, including gasoline, diesel, mineral oil, aviation fuel, bitumen, lubricants, and more. PDI In-Truck Solutions gives fleet managers peace of mind by:

  • Customizing workflows to support complex operations
  • Reducing friction and information silos with communication to vehicle metering systems, Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG), and Terminal Automation Systems (TAS)
  • Enabling paperless delivery process or the option to connect to a mobile printer

React Quickly to Fuel Sale Fluctuations

Centrally handle your shift, trip, loading, and delivery processes to support real-time dynamic adjustments to your initial plans in a mobile dispatch app. Prevent or manage unexpected returns and runouts, and handle other emergencies using PDI Logistics In-Truck:

  • Ensure your data is syncing in the background, regardless of connectivity
  • Simplify billing processes with electronic proof of delivery
  • Keep all parties informed with status updates, alerts, and access to data
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Digital Transformation for Fuel Logistics

Digital transformation is not coming. It’s here. And operators of all sizes need to reimagine the way they do business to survive.

Our Capabilities

Simplify fuel supply chain management by leveraging the expertise and insights that help fuel retailers, carriers, haulers, petroleum marketers, and jobbers manage bulk and metered fuel.

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Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Give your drivers the flexibility to update their routes and plans as they go, using an intuitive mobile app, even if connectivity is disrupted.

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Access Real-Time Data

Drivers and dispatchers can access real-time data anytime, anywhere with your in-truck solution at the center of your delivery operations.

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Gain Accuracy to Drive Efficiency

Be confident in your deliveries, knowing not only exact amounts requested but also accurate capacity details in advance of your arrival.

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