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Make the most of your resources with truck management software to optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance supply chain visibility.

5 Ways to Regain Control

Get tips to mitigate the impact of fluctuating fuel supply and demand in this white paper.

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Connect through One Version of the Truth

Retailers, wholesalers, and carriers on six continents rely on PDI Logistics Planning & Dispatch Software Solutions for the technology and insights to manage the complex challenges of fuel deliveries. With PDI, you can grow and become more agile while gaining the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics.

Optimize Your Operations

Leverage end-to-end visibility throughout your fuel logistics to optimize every step of the process. PDI Logistics Dispatch offers a sophisticated, industry-specific optimization tool for dispatchers, drivers, and stakeholders. Optimize your truck dispatch operations by:

  • Utilizing sophisticated forecasting algorithms that process supply chain data 
  • Allocating your loads efficiently, ensuring maximum payload utilization while also adhering to regulatory and contractual rules 
  • Automating your reconciliation through exception management so you can facilitate accurate and timely billing

Business Challenge:

ABS Bonifer Case Study

  • ABS Bonifer, a petroleum distribution leader with 450+ vehicles throughout seven countries, needed to centralize their fleet dispatching operations while digitizing their planning.
  • Using PDI Logistics International, Bonifer created a paperless scheduling and dispatch solution to optimize secondary distribution bulk transportation processes.
  • The company has significantly reduced their delivery process time by using a leading-edge mobile app with a user-friendly interface delivering real-time functionality.

Business Challenge:

MAPCO Case Study

  • MAPCO, a convenience retailer and petroleum distributor with 40+ trucks, needed a fully consolidated planning and dispatch solution to improve their forecasting, reconciliation, and analytics.
  • Using PDI Logistics, MAPCO has significantly improved their fleet inventory management by utilizing robust forecasting tools.
  • The company has also centralized their dispatching capabilities, providing more reliable analytics and insights to make better business decisions.

Gain Actionable Insights

You need to consider many factors to increase efficiency and maximize revenue: supplier costs, inventory levels, drive times, freight expenses, and more. With so much data to analyze, how do you make the best decisions in real time? Utilizing PDI’s auto dispatch, scheduling, and ordering, you can:

  • Track truck locations and availability to create dynamic schedules based on your operational preferences, including real-time order adjustments
  • Evaluate your entire business with custom ordering strategies, including daypart restrictions, to deliver the optimal fuel quantity at the optimal time and price 
  • Analyze every condition, including working with third-party solutions, to make the right decisions

Thrive with Third-Party Carrier Exchange

Manage your third-party logistics carriers with ease. PDI Carrier Exchange helps you manage multiple carriers, monitor progress, and track performance. Powerful order desk tools support:

  • Order assignment
  • ​Carrier monitoring
  • Real-time updates
  • Payment processing
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Fleet Sustainability

By reducing the emissions associated with transportation-related activities, you can position yourself to win more contracts and gain a competitive advantage.

Our Capabilities

Simplify fuel supply chain management with the expertise and insights that help fuel retailers, carriers, haulers, petroleum marketers, and jobbers manage bulk and metered fuel.

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Mitigate Risk & Improve Your Operations

Get real-time data and optimize supply sourcing. Know where your fleet and fuel are at any time.

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Streamline Scheduling & Dispatching

Reduce complexity with a single solution that handles transport, metered bulk fuel, degree day home heat, fleet fueling, and packaged goods deliveries.

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Get Real-Time Paperless Load Closure

Realize immediate gains in efficiency by empowering drivers and dispatchers with access to real-time inventory.

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