Comprehensive Dispatch and Scheduling: ABS Bonifer Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Offenbach, Germany since 1939

Industry: Petroleum Distribution

Size: 450 vehicles; 7 countries in Europe

Solution: PDI WinDMS

Business Challenges

  • Decentralized tanker truck dispatching operations
  • Wanted to minimize paper and to automate and digitize planning and dispatch operations
  • Needed to be able to respond more quickly to sales fluctuations at fuel retailing locations

Solution Overview – PDI WinDMS and PDI OilDroid

Comprehensive dispatch planning and scheduling solution that allows significant optimization of secondary distribution bulk transportation processes by addressing a multitude of scheduling challenges.

Using leading edge technology and an intuitive, user-friendly UI, this mobile solution delivers real-time functionality that speeds up the delivery process and reduces paperwork.

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ABS Bonifer dispatchers planned for three times as many
vehicles per shift.

Customer Results

  • Digitized and automated delivery operations
  • Improved visibility into operations through daily reports
  • Decreased mileage and allocated drivers efficiently
  • Avoided retains and runouts using real-time information

We can now supply three times as many fuel stations with the same number of people.”

– Ralph Schenderlein, Operations Manager, ABS Bonifer

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