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SPATCO Energy Solutions

Spatco Energy Solutions and PDI have teamed up to deliver a secure network management solution to help ensure your site remains PCI-compliant. Now you can streamline your operations with a connectivity and technology foundation that keeps your business safe and secure.

For new customers

The standard approved configuration includes a Managed Firewall ($122/month).

This is the default configuration. If you’re choosing any other configuration, please explain in the comments.

Your benefits

  • A free endpoint protection service called PDI Managed Detection and Response (MDR). MDR protects your most critical back-office machines from cyberattacks like ransomware, malware, and many other cyberthreats.
  • A next-generation platform with more throughput and processing power to handle your current and future application needs.
  • A more robust wireless failover solution that includes two SIM cards to handle diversity among wireless carriers, enabling higher uptime in case your primary Internet connection is not functioning.
  • Reduced PCI scope because the managed Firewall as a Service is fully certified within PDI’s compliance.
  • Rapid deployment thanks to a preconfigured solution designed for customer installation.

Bundle your solution with Wi-Fi as a Service

  • Enterprise Wi-Fi solution powered by Aruba to give your employees and customers the best coverage and performance available.
  • Indoor and outdoor options available.

Modernize with 5G as a Service

PDI 5G as a Service is a fully managed primary Internet solution that consolidates network access across multiple carrier 5G networks. This robust wireless offering is a powerful alternative to unreliable and expensive cable and DSL options.

Key benefits of PDI 5G as a Service include:

  • Enterprise-grade hardware: Get a Cradlepoint modem with your monthly subscription. 
  • Unlimited and unthrottled service: Stop worrying about usage levels and application performance.
  • Flexible subscription pricing: Enjoy a predictable monthly fee with little or no upfront costs, 24/7 support, usage reporting, and more.
  • Fast and easy installation: Avoid disruptive construction and wiring costs.
  • Reliability: Stabilize your primary Internet service to reduce downtime and over-usage of wireless failover.

PDI 5G as a Service is a qualification-based service. For sites that do not qualify, PDI can provide alternative options.

For additional ease of implementation, professional onsite installation is available and recommended as conversion handled by store personnel can lead to unintended downtime. *

* Professional Firewall installation highly recommended from Spatco Energy Solutions. Remote-supported, self-guided installation is available on an exception basis (requires pre-approval).

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