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PDI Payments saves money and builds customer loyalty 

With PDI Payments Private Label Debit, you can have your own branded payments program, accepting payment inside the store and at the pump.

There’s a lot of advantages to having your own payment program. It can strengthen your brand and be used to grow customer loyalty. But most importantly, Private Label Debit provides significant savings compared to traditional credit card fees – and these savings can really add up!

The more transactions, the more your savings stack up. That’s the simplicity of a Private Label Debit program.

You’re then able to reinvest these savings back into your business – such as funding an everyday fuel discount for customers using your branded payment program. This drives more loyalty customers and increases program usage, creating a cycle of savings and success.

In fact, existing PDI Payment Private Label Debit customers have reported fairly significant sales increases on fuel and store sales. Individual site performance will vary—influenced by marketing, fuel reward incentives, store-level execution, and competitive landscape—but several PDI Payment Private Label Debit customers have reported a 33%+ lift in overall sales.

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Private Label Debit vs Credit Card​ for U.S. fuel price averages

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Penetration rate average is approx. 10% 1-year after launch.​ Rate will vary depending on marketing, site execution, consumer incentive (ex. ¢ off/gal), loyalty integration and market maturity and competition.​

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