PDI Acquires TouchStar Group

TEMPLE, TEXASJanuary 8, 2018 – PDI, a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions to the convenience retail, wholesale petroleum, and logistics industries, today announced it has acquired TouchStar Group LLC, a multinational logistics automation company. The acquisition expands PDI’s product offerings into enterprise mobility software and automation systems, which transform business productivity in the oil and gas, transportation and aviation operations industries. TouchStar’s web-based integrated platform helps customers simplify the management of fleets and mobile enterprises around the world.

TouchStar’s global customer base and infrastructure, and its sophisticated mobility and fleet automation solutions, complement PDI’s comprehensive logistics solutions suite.

“We are thrilled to kick off the new year with the exciting news that we are adding TouchStar, its innovative portfolio of products and services and its employee base to PDI,” said Jimmy Frangis, chief executive officer, PDI. “TouchStar brings strong cloud-based enterprise mobility and automation solutions to PDI and affirms our commitment to delivering powerful software and cloud solutions that will help our customers thrive in a digital economy. The acquisition of TouchStar also continues PDI’s strategy of developing, acquiring, and servicing best-in-class industry solutions for the fuel distribution and logistics industries worldwide.”

The acquisition gives PDI additional industry and solution knowledge, particularly in enterprise mobility; a global infrastructure from which it can continue its track record of international growth; a marquee, global customer base; and a scalable cloud-based addition to PDI’s comprehensive logistics platform.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, TouchStar’s technology provides integrated fleet management for over 10,000 vehicles and 110 customers across 12 countries around the world. The addition of TouchStar also supports PDI’s global expansion and local presence in Europe and Asia, and provides the ability to better serve customers across those regions with offices in Vienna, Austria, Sydney, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Both current and future customers of PDI and TouchStar will benefit from the combined companies’ expertise, enhanced reliability, and new and improved best-of-both offerings and functionality. Atlas Oil, a current customer of both PDI and TouchStar, is enthusiastic about the combination.

“Today we get great customer service from both companies, and we expect the acquisition will make it even easier for Atlas to do business with PDI,” said Bob Kenyon, president, Atlas Oil. “We are excited about having such a reliable technology partner that can service multiple lines of business across a single, modern platform in both back office and logistics.”

TouchStar sells and delivers its software primarily through a SaaS delivery model, and the acquisition will allow PDI to provide customers with a choice of solutions whether it be on premise, in the cloud or both.

“Staying at the forefront of product and solutions for our customers is key, so investing in anticipation of the future requires building a strategy to future proof our solutions,” added Frangis. “Given the accelerated pace of change that customers face and technology brings, we have developed some guiding principles that shape our architecture strategy and will improve time to market, while enabling us to become more flexible and agile. This includes foundational building blocks such as a service-oriented architecture, micro services, and flexible APIs enabled for cloud, mobility, and security – all while adding global talent and experience to our worldwide team.”

PDI is committed to continue bringing together the best people, applying the best processes, and combining the best products so that it remains the right partner for its customers today – helping them meet the demands of tomorrow. The company will continue to invest in portfolio solutions that are easy to integrate and migrate to the cloud. This will improve speed to market, allowing customers to gradually take advantage of new capabilities based on business needs.

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