PDI Launches PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions to Broadly Serve Needs of Convenience Retailers and Petroleum Wholesalers

PDI, a leader in ERP, Logistics, and Fuel Pricing solutions, adds PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions, delivering a purpose-built marketing platform and unmatched loyalty expertise.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – April 29, 2019 (Business Wire) — PDI a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions to the convenience retail, petroleum wholesale and logistics industries, announces PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions, adding world-class marketing and loyalty capabilities to PDI’s leading ERP, Logistics and Fuel Pricing portfolio. Customers gain a complete, end-to-end solution that combines the secure and scalable PDI Marketing Cloud Platform with the industry knowledge and first-hand expertise of the PDI Marketing Solutions Practice.

PDI’s growth strategy is to deliver holistic software solutions to empower its customers and transform the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale industries. Today, the scalable software platform and leading cents-per-gallon programs from Excentus combined with Outsite Networks’ points-as-a-currency technology form PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions, making PDI a leader in both marketing and back office solutions in the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale industries.

“Convenience retailers and petroleum wholesalers have always counted on PDI for excellence in enterprise back office solutions,” said Brandon Logsdon, senior vice president, Marketing Cloud Solutions, PDI. “Now, with PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions, customers can rely on PDI even more and gain a unified view of their operations along with the technology they need to transform the customer experience and boost profitability.”

PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions combines a comprehensive, unified marketing platform with access to industry experts to offer white label loyalty and marketing solutions that drive top-line revenue. Convenience retailers and petroleum wholesalers can improve customer engagement with automated CRM campaigns, turnkey vendor-funded offers that are sourced and settled by PDI, and tools to ensure that personalized offers and messages reach the right customers every time.

Giving Marketers the Technology They Need and ROI They Want

The PDI Marketing Cloud Platform has an extensive toolset that allows marketers to maximize ROI, regardless of the sophistication or scale of their program. It seamlessly integrates with many point-of-sale (POS) systems and powers the Fuel Rewards® program – the largest and most successful coalition loyalty program in the U.S. The platform has evolved to include expanded offer constructs, like member pricing, clubs and points-based programs, and advanced loyalty features, such as triggered rewards and personalized communications driven by advanced analytics. These enhancements give marketers the broadest, most in-depth toolkit to compete in today’s increasingly digital world.

Helping Marketers Every Step of the Way

PDI Marketing Solutions Practice has been creating effective loyalty programs that change consumer behaviors for nearly two decades. Leveraging the PDI Marketing Cloud Platform, the solutions practice experts design effective programs using omni-channel message delivery, providing segmented and targeted engagements designed to drive loyalty and visit frequency at scale. The knowledge gleaned from data insights, program performance and optimization will ensure a winning loyalty program for convenience retailers that will make their location the top destination for busy consumers.

“The future of customer loyalty marketing is an integrated solution that drives value across marketing, finance, IT and retail operations,” continued Logsdon. “We have the capability and assets for convenience retailers and petroleum wholesalers to leverage data from all their business units, giving them the ability to more effectively acquire and retain customers, improve overall performance and grow their revenues and profits.”

PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions delivers on PDI’s promise of world-class and innovative software solutions with industry-leading knowledge and expertise that unify and transform businesses with a measurable ROI.

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Professional Datasolutions, Inc. is now PDI Technologies, Inc.

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