4 Keys to Helping CPG Brands Maximize Their Returns on Brand-Funded Promotion

Brand-funded promotions are a powerful tool for CPG brands to gain access to their target market and set the foundation for lasting customer relationships. In today’s dynamic convenience environment, the success of brand-funded promotions depends on how brands use data and digital tools to connect with the right customers. 

At PDI, we’re focused on leveraging data at every stage of the brand-funded promotion process to help you get the most out of your investments. We have access to some of the most valuable insights in the industry that help us maximize the reach and impact of offers. Plus, as your single access point to the expansive convenience industry, PDI simplifies the process of deploying brand-funded promotions in four key ways. 

1. Reach: Putting your product in front of your target market 

Convenience stores are one of the most established and growing locales for consumers to engage with your product. Whether they’re seeing your brand for the first time or revisiting an old favorite, building a stronger connection starts with convenience. 

PDI Offer Network is your gateway for reaching more than 30 million consumers at over 55,000 stores across the United States. With access to consumers in every category, success in deploying brand-funded offers comes from having a strategic consumer engagement vision within the convenience channel. PDI Offer Network can help you reach a mass audience or a subset by targeting the right consumers, in the right stores, with the right offers. That’s where data comes in. 

2. Data: Unveiling consumer insights and optimization opportunities 

National convenience retailers offer a window into your target market’s behavior within and between categories. PDI unlocks this new view of consumer behavior, delivering insight into how often consumers are purchasing their favorite products and how frequently they’re willing to change their habits. 

We leverage over a decade of data about consumer behaviors, patterns, and predictions—and deliver it to you in the form of actionable insights and strategic ideas that can directly impact your bottom line. 

In particular, we’re continually adapting our strategy recommendations based on analytics. We use historical data to help you assemble a go-to-market strategy. Then, throughout the life of every promotion, we track key performance indicators that help our brand partners evaluate the success of your program and make decisions about what’s next.  

That’s how we maximize promotional outcomes, which makes PDI such a valuable partner to CPG brands. 

3. Simplicity: Your key to the diverse c-store industry 

Convenience stores are a powerful channel for CPG brands to access their target market, but the national network of retailers can often be fragmented and hard to navigate. PDI simplifies the process by acting as your single point of contact to connect with the entire industry. 

Our experience and connections provide guidance and insight every step of the way, from planning a go-to-market strategy to evaluating the success of a promotion. We help you navigate the expansive convenience network to ensure your offer is featured in the right stores and put in front of the right customers. 

4. Consumer-centricity: The future of brand-funded promotions 

One of the most exciting trends in brand-funded promotions—across so many industries and programs—is consumer-centricity. Rather than looking at market segments or sweeping patterns, consumer-centricity is the process of looking at the individual user. 

With PDI Offer Network, you can deploy these kinds of hyper-targeted offers based on consumer purchase history. We’ve found that the more specific offers are, the more likely they are to attract new customers and drive long-term loyalty. 

PDI Offer Network brings value to national brands in the form of market reach, robust data analytics, and simplicity in navigating an expansive national network of convenience retailers. With PDI as your partner, you can leverage data-driven tools like targeted promotions and customer-centric strategies to maximize the impact of brand-funded promotions. 

Discover how PDI Offer Network can help you unlock new growth opportunities.   

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