Celebrating Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week is an opportunity to recognize and show appreciation to our PDI colleagues serving in this critical function. Celebrated from October 2-6 at PDI and in many other organizations in the convenience ecosystem and beyond, this year’s global theme is “Team Service.” No matter where our representatives sit within PDI, we’re all on the same team Connecting Convenience together.  

Our industry operates 24/7/365, and so do our support teams. This week (and every week) we thank all the teams who work tirelessly to provide exceptional customer service to keep our industry running as smoothly as possible. 

Here are some messages that PDI team leaders are sharing in support of our customer service associates. 

“We’re all thankful for our amazing service teams and that Customer Service Week exists to help us acknowledge the critical role they play for our customers and within the broader PDI organization. These teams are the face of PDI and represent us well. Thank you for everything you do!” ~ Bethany Allee, SVP, Marketing and Education 

“A heartfelt THANK YOU to our customer service and support teams for the work you do every day. We truly understand that your roles are the foundation of our relationship with customers. The care, expertise, and commitment you consistently demonstrate makes an enormous difference in ensuring our customers feel heard, valued, and assisted. Please know that we appreciate everything you do to make each customer interaction a positive one.” ~ Steve Antonakakis, Divisional COO, Enterprise Productivity 

“As our industry continues to innovate and grow—all while staying one step ahead of cyberattacks and other business threats—our customer service teams become that much more critical. I’ve watched them troubleshoot and problem-solve, often in real time alongside our stakeholders. While we recognize there’s always room for improvement, our team is continually working to ensure smoother operations for our customers.” ~ Chris Berry, Chief Technology Officer and President, Security Solutions 

“In honor of Customer Service Week, I want to share my appreciation for all the teams that engage with our customers. You’re the face of PDI, you bring our solutions to life for our customers, and you all represent PDI values every day. Thank you all so much!” ~ Frank Brennan, SVP and GM, Global Services 

“We’re so lucky to have such great colleagues working in the support team representing PDI. These teams are the frontline for all our clients, they deal with multiple clients daily, and they always strive to provide excellent service. We really appreciate all the hard work the team does.” ~ Denise Coyle, Loyalty Support Manager 

“I so deeply appreciate your efforts in working every day in support of our customers. Your commitment and genuine care for our customers are the culmination of your hard work, and you are tenacious and collaborative in your approach. Nothing makes me happier than to hear a compliment from our customers, and I’ve had great feedback about the focus we have put on the customer experience. Thank you as you lead the efforts in customer service!” ~ Linnea Geiss, Chief Operating Officer  

“I’m incredibly proud of the agents on our customer support teams that I have the honor of working alongside every single day. Their unwavering commitment, tireless efforts, and exceptional problem-solving skills continue to impress me. Their dedication is a testament to providing outstanding support and ensuring our customers’ satisfaction, business awareness, and program success.” ~ Caillin Grosse, Senior Manager Member Support 

“It’s an honor to celebrate the efforts of our support analysts, field technicians, team leads, and managers who deliver positive and rewarding customer experiences each day. Customer Service Week is our opportunity to recognize the dedication it takes to serve others. It is a privilege to be associated with so many who are striving to take service to new heights!” ~ Mike Hailes, VP, Global Customer Support EP 

“Our Customer Support teams—including those in Consumer Engagement—play a critical role in the success of PDI. They have a massive impact on customer satisfaction and our customers’ future engagement with the programs and products that we offer. I’m proud of the tireless efforts our teams make each day while representing the values of PDI.” ~ Lee Harmon, Director, Member Support 

“The Customer Care and Member Support teams are best in class! The entire PDI organization is lucky to have each one of them supporting our customers and the members of our loyalty programs. Their hard work and dedication contribute greatly to the success of our customers and PDI. I cannot thank them enough!” ~ Scott Schaper, VP CP Operations 

“Our Customer Support team has done an incredible job of troubleshooting customer issues in a timely manner while providing the best possible customer experience. We appreciate your efforts and the amazing service you are providing. Thank you!” ~ Amit Shankar, Senior Manager, CSE Operations 

“This week we celebrate all our colleagues that provide Customer Support for our business. I would like to recognize all our Security Solutions Ops teams that work tirelessly to ensure our customer base has the support needed to keep their businesses running. I would like to personally say THANK YOU for your all your efforts, day in and day out, to ensure our customers get the top-level support they deserve!” ~ Schane Simpson, VP, Operations, Security Solutions 

“Our customer service teams around the globe add value to our in-market solutions and are the connectors of what our customers need to make their experiences better. Thank you to each of you for representing our values, especially when it comes to Collaborative and Accountable, which help to define our culture at PDI.” ~ Beth Strickland, Chief Human Resources Officer 

“Customer service is the heartbeat of any thriving business, where every interaction is a chance to make a lasting impression and turn a customer into a lifelong advocate. Celebrating Customer Service Week is a tribute to the unsung heroes who listen, empathize, and tirelessly go above and beyond. They are the architects of loyalty, the guardians of trust, and we appreciate all that you do.” ~ Dwayne Viers, Director, Customer Care CE