Check Out the Latest Updates for PDI Propane Commercial Fueling Solutions

It seems a lot longer than just a year ago that PDI acquired Blue Cow Software. Now that the integration is complete, the heritage Blue Cow Software products are all available as PDI Propane and Commercial Fueling solutions. 

Even though the name has changed, our commitment to developing industry-leading technology hasn’t wavered. In fact, we’re dedicated to keeping our products “best in class” in the home heat industry. 

During the past year, our product team has been busy integrating new products and interfaces that will simplify your operations and help you achieve significant productivity gains. Here are just a few of the exciting new fuel oil and propane delivery offerings that are now available:  

  • Remote Customer Portal: Gain instant access to your database without accessing your ERP system. The Remote Customer Portal allows your users to view real-time account information, create and edit fuel and work orders, or add notes on an account directly integrated with your ERP system. Users can remotely access real-time information from anywhere with an Internet connection, or they can instantly create fuel and work orders without logging into your full ERP platform!  
  • Vendor Pay: Are you still writing paper checks to pay your bills? Still mailing payments to everyone from your fuel suppliers to the office cleaning company? Stop the madness and start using a simpler, faster way to pay your invoices. You can even earn cash back on every virtual card payment. Our new Vendor Pay option works seamlessly with your ERP accounting platform for an all-in-one solution that lets you pay suppliers through electronic payments. It won’t cost you more money—in fact, we’ll give you 1% cash back on every invoice you pay by credit card! 
  • Avalara Tax Export: If you use Avalara to generate the necessary tax information in ERP (formerly Ignite), you can now instantly upload it into Avalara. We’ve streamlined processes that previously took hours to complete, so the reporting and consolidation of taxes has never been faster or easier. 
  • Tank Monitor API: This new tool helps tank monitor companies that interface with PDI to seamlessly write directly to their ERP database and update customer tank readings. Not only does the API eliminate the need for added software to be installed on a client server, but it also reduces the need to run an additional function to import this data. 
  • P3 Propane Safety Integration: Now you can complete required propane safety documentation faster and with greater accuracy. Our initial integration included PDI customer account numbers, names, and addresses, along with daily gains and losses. The latest Phase 2 release links Propane and Commercial Fueling ERP accounts directly to the equivalent account within the P3 Compliance System at the click of a button. This functionality allows you to quickly view relevant propane safety documentation, leading to increased efficiency and greater data accuracy.  
  • Mopeka Tank Monitor Interface: Our newest tank monitor integration with Mopeka features easier monitoring of tank levels and usage. The data collected by the cloud alerts both consumers and suppliers to low liquid levels. Data is sent directly into their Propane and Commercial Fueling ERP system to support more accurate forecasting for delivery and k-factor analysis. 

Together, these products and enhancements are just the start of the PDI roadmap for the home heat realm. With the goal of leading industry-wide innovation to keep our products best in class, we can’t wait to share more of what’s on the horizon with you in person at PDI Connections Live in August! 

To learn more about PDI Propane and Commercial Fueling, contact us today.  

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