New Warehouse Mobility and Automation Solutions from PDI Will Be Powered by Scanco Software 

PDI Enterprise solutions are all about helping retail and petroleum wholesale businesses efficiently manage multiple aspects of their operations. As the latest enhancement to these industry-leading ERP solutions, we’re excited to announce a new offering to further increase petroleum supply chain efficiency. 

PDI Technologies is now working with Scanco Software, a leader in warehouse, manufacturing, and supply-chain management solutions, to offer a warehouse scanning system that’s fully integrated with PDI Enterprise. As a result, you will be able to automate your warehouse cycle counts and physical inventory, so you can more accurately manage warehouse operations on the go. The increased visibility into capacity and resource utilization is designed to help you reduce cost, improve productivity, and ensure better data quality.  

New PDI Warehouse Scanning Solutions Powered by Scanco 

The PDI warehouse scanning systems powered by Scanco will include a full warehouse mobility suite connected to PDI Enterprise to deliver ERP functionality from your fingertips​. The core offering will include the following key features, among other aspects. 

Warehouse management 

  • New features to save time and money with an intuitive, modern interface and live data dashboard 
  • Real-time insights into inventory status, picking sequences, warehouse transfers, and more 
  • Custom label and report management 
  • Printer integrations and transaction-based automatic printing 

Automation for barcode management 

  • Increase counting speeds by 75% 
  • Eliminate human error 
  • Save valuable time by removing the need for paper counting and data entry through cycle and physical year-end counting automation 

Drew Mize, EVP and GM, North America Enterprise Productivity at PDI, shares, “Scanco has been on the forefront of developing in-depth mobile warehouse and manufacturing automation solutions for nearly 30 years. By integrating with its proven solutions that will be tailor-built to fully integrate with PDI Enterprise, we can expedite this strategic offering for PDI customers with advanced warehouse operation needs.” 

“Both Scanco and PDI share a commitment to tech-driven innovations, and we’re ready to extend and expand our reach to more retail and petroleum wholesale verticals as we help PDI customers optimize warehouse operations for increased supply chain success,” adds Andy Nunez, CEO of Scanco Software. 

Ready to Optimize Your Warehouse Operations? 

Co-development between PDI and Scanco is already underway, and additional features will continue to become available throughout 2023. If you’re interested in becoming one of the first to optimize your business with these new warehouse automation solutions, contact us today.