Preventative Care for Your Database

We visit our doctor’s office once a year for annual physical exams. We go to the dentist every six months for a checkup on our teeth. But how often do you do a system check on your company data? 

A frequent analysis of your data is just as important to the health of your business as going to an annual physical is to your personal health. So why do very few companies ever perform system health checks on their database? 

We created System Checks in PDI Propane and Commercial Fueling Solutions to help you easily review your database for user-input errors and incomplete or missing information. Here’s a shortlist of some of these checks and why they’re so important: 

  1. Forecasting: There are 20 System Checks just for forecasting, including simple checks and some that are very sophisticated, such as ones to help you understand when a customer is at risk of running out of fuel in the near future. 
  1. Work Orders: These System Checks will look for incomplete work orders or work orders that the technician finished but you have not yet billed out. 
  1. Maintenance: The system will check whether the database was backed up in the last 24 hours. 
  1. Customer Information: There are many System Checks for customer information, such as whether there are past-due follow-up notes, the same tank serial # on more than one customer account, customers with inaccurate latitude/longitudes on their account, or customers with credit balances but no transactions in over a year. 
  1. Employees and Vehicles: System Checks can also alert you when employee licenses are about to expire or when their physicals are due. There are similar alerts for vehicles so you can be notified when maintenance or vehicle registrations are overdue. 

Isn’t it time your software starts working for you? Having software that will analyze your data on a weekly basis is invaluable in preventing runouts, improving customer service, avoiding fines, and making you more profitable. 

You can thrive in today’s digital economy. Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your business. 

Blue Cow Software solutions are now part of PDI Technologies as the global convenience company enters a new fuel oil and propane vertical.