Protect Your Company’s Data Against Cyberthreats

It seems that every day we read another headline about a ransomware attack, data breach, or some other form of cybertheft perpetrated against a business. And it’s not just big corporations. A study from Accenture found that nearly 43% of cyberattacks are targeted at small and medium size businesses. 

In 2020 alone, small businesses faced over 700,000 attacks that caused $2.8 billion in damages. That figure doesn’t even include the time spent trying to recover lost data and loss of trust with customers whose personal data may have been exposed.  

So, yes, your energy company is at risk. You need to take steps to secure information such as financial records, customer profiles, vendor details, and employee information. One of the best ways to do this is to move data to the cloud. 

Cloud-based data is consistently more secure than data residing on an on-premises server, as cloud service providers focus full time on security and are constantly implementing the latest security tools. This helps to ensure the best possible protection from known and anticipated cyberthreats, including data breaches, unauthorized access, malware infections, and ransomware.  

There’s still a lot more you should do to protect your business, including training all employees to recognize and be alert to phishing attempts and social media data mining. But securing your critical information in the cloud is an important first step toward avoiding a cyberattack and, should one occur, being able to recover quickly and fully. 

Read more about how cloud storage can help protect your company in the article, “Strengthen Your Cyber Defense in the Cloud,” published in the October 2022 issue of “Butane Propane News.” 

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