Visualize Your Way to Stronger Sales with Customer Mapping

Knowing where your customers are would seem to be a “no brainer” for an energy company that delivers propane or heating oil every day. But taking a broader view of customer locations can provide insights that you can convert into more efficient operations and additional sales opportunities. All it takes is the right map.  

Customer location maps take information already in your enterprise management system and allow you to view it in a new light. For example, instead of a long list of names and addresses that are difficult to connect in any meaningful way, a “heat map” or “dot density map” of customers shows a real-world visual representation of where you’re doing business. This view can provide helpful answers and even more helpful questions, such as:  

  • Why are there gaps between customer clusters? 
  • Where should you focus your efforts to develop new accounts? 
  • How can you make deliveries and service calls more efficient? 
  • Where do your most profitable customers reside? 

Answering those questions can give you direction and purpose for new marketing efforts aimed at attracting new customers and satisfying your existing customers. 

Want to learn more about customer location mapping and using visualization tools? Read all about it in the article, “Mapping Your Market and Expanding Your Brand,” published in the October 2022 edition of “Oil & Energy” magazine. 

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Blue Cow Software solutions are now part of PDI Technologies as the global convenience company enters a new fuel oil and propane vertical.