Leveraging Mobile Apps: Arrick’s Propane Case Study

Modernizing with Mobile App Technology

Arrick’s Propane implemented the PDI Propane and Commercial Fueling Customer App to:

  • Simplify customer account access
  • Streamline orders and deliveries
  • Facilitate a paperless environment

Business Challenges

  • Keeping pace with customer expectations for a modern user experience
  • Streamlining business operations by automating tasks and integrating IT systems

Solution Overview – PDI Propane and Commercial Fueling

To help reduce costs, boost your team’s productivity, and elevate your customer service, turn to PDI Propane and Commercial Fueling solutions (heritage Blue Cow Software Ignite products). Our propane and fuel oil enterprise solutions can help you simplify your operations with a single source of truth everyone on your team can rely on.

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Customers can engage with Arrick’s Propane from anywhere at any time through the Arrick’s-branded mobile app.

Customer Results

  • Improved the customer experience with up-to-the-minute account information
  • Eliminated multiple manual processes and minimized paperwork
  • Optimized deliveries to increase efficiency and reduce waste

“Our expertise is propane, not IT systems. The PDI mobile app frees us up to make sure our customers get exactly what they need.”

– Dave Gullett, Arrick’s Propane

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