Automated Fueling Workflow Through Mobile Devices: BAFS Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Bangkok, Thailand since 1983

Industry: Aviation Refueling

Size: 70+ Trucks

Solution: PDI AvPac, AvFleetMarshall, AvManager, AvSchedule

Business Challenges

  • Needed a significant modernization of equipment to manage the volume of fuel in the hydrant pipeline network
  • Wanted a solution to provide clear scheduling for fueling vehicles, interface with a flight information delivery system (FIDS), and handle fuel supply, contract creation and allocation of flights to fuel suppliers

Solution Overview – PDI AvPac

Automate and standardize processes and manage daily workflow, all though a connected mobile device.

PDI AvPac manages your refuellers’ daily workflow – from vehicle inspections and equipment checks to delivery tickets and invoicing – through a mobile device that communicates information directly to your backoffice system, eliminating the need for paper-based processes.

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BAFS experienced clear improvements to the visibility and efficiency of their 24-hour fueling fleet.

Customer Results

  • Increased system stability
  • Reduced maintenance and support costs
  • Enhanced fleet reliability
  • Improved company bottom line

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