Centralized Pricebook Services for Accurate Audits: E-Z Mart Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Texarkana, TX, founded in 1970

Industry: Convenience Retail

Size: 286 Stores

Solution: PDI Pricebook Services

Business Challenges

  • Pricebook process needed to be consolidated across pricebook staff, IT staff and category managers
  • Needed to tighten up audit processes at a store level
  • Wanted to be able to inventory by item rather than by a total dollar figure

Solution Overview – PDI Pricebook Services

If you’re looking for results, PDI Pricebook Services can deliver. Our team of experts has helped retailers across the country streamline their pricebook procedures and create the best possible customer experience.

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E-Z Mart reduced its pricebook human resource needs by 80%.

Customer Results

  • Centralized, electronic control of retail pricing & vendor costs
  • Improved audit accuracy at a store level
  • Facilitated the ability to conduct inventory audits by item
  • Optimized human resources and improved scheduling

“It saves us money, it makes us money.”

– Bubba Kirkland, SVP of Merchandising, E-Z Mart Stores

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