Integrated, End-to-End Fleet Management: Oel-Pool Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Suhr, Switzerland since 1975

Industry: Heating Oil Distribution

Size: 80+ Trucks

Solution: PDI TransPac, FleetWatch

Business Challenges

  • Business growth led to an increase in the amount of manual paperwork
  • Employees spent more time sorting paper documents and less time increasing deliveries and improving customer service
  • Lacked reliable truck history and trip activity data

Solution Overview – PDI TransPac

TransPac provides a robust technology framework that simplifies ongoing workforce automation and delivers operational efficiency across the oil and gas supply chain. TransPac enables you to boost operational efficiencies with paperless transactions and automated accounting, point-of-sale invoicing, paperless POD, and total records management.

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Oel-Pool saw improvements in resource utilization that helped yield a better bottom line.

Customer Results

  • Improved delivery efficiency by implementing on-board billing and printing
  • Reduced errors from outdated, manual fleet management system
  • Increased database of historical information on truck activities
  • Eliminated expensive, inefficient paperwork through the use of mobility

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