Strengthening Cybersecurity Posture: Parker’s Kitchen Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Savannah, GA

Industry: Fuel Stations and Convenience Stores

Size: 70 Locations

Solution: PDI XDR Complete Service

Business Challenges

  • The rising threat of ransomware
  • Difficulty in hiring and retaining skilled IT staff
  • The need to automate security processes

Solution Overview – PDI XDR Complete

As Parker’s Kitchen accelerated the modernization of its business, it was struggling to find, hire, and retain skilled IT professionals. To overcome that challenge, the company turned to PDI to help augment its internal IT team.

Parker’s Kitchen now relies on the PDI XDR Complete service as the foundation of its cybersecurity strategy, working with PDI as a trusted managed security services provider (MSSP).

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PDI cybersecurity expertise allows Parker’s Kitchen to concentrate on growing its business.

Customer Results

  • 24/7/365 monitoring by cybersecurity experts
  • Strengthened security posture for peace of mind
  • More time to focus on strategic IT projects

“The coverage PDI delivers lets our people focus on strategic projects that improve customer engagement.”

– Parker’s Kitchen

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