PDI C-Store Case Study: A Trusted Enterprise Managed Services Partner

Executive Overview

Industry: Convenience Retail

Size: 17 convenience stores

Business Challenges

  • Lacked a holistic back office solution to help control multi-site operation
  • Struggled with manual daily paperwork processes, which left room for error
  • Needed centralized control over vendor payment and store-level pricing
  • Lacked the necessary staff to effectively run a feature-rich back office solution

Solution Overview – PDI Enterprise and PDI Managed Services

From financials to pricing, PDI Enterprise has everything convenience retailers and petroleum marketers need to unify and control their businesses. Its centralized database delivers one version of the truth across the entire organization.

Hundreds of companies rely on PDI Managed Services to drive business growth and find ways to work smarter, not harder. Whether that means repositioning staff away from labor intensive tasks or gaining new, highly skilled resources to run specific parts of the business, PDI has you covered.

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Customer Results

  • Improved operational control and efficiency with a robust back office solution and automation capabilities
  • Standardized pricing across sites with a centralized pricebook that is maintained by the experienced PDI Pricebook Services team
  • Reduced manual accounting practices across the organization, including vendor payments, bank reconciliations and period close reporting
  • Helped identify and reduce shrink at stores, particularly in the lottery category

“If you want to grow your business, there isn’t any question that going with PDI, and especially the Managed Services offering, is the best solution currently available.”

– PDI Enterprise and Managed Services Customer

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