Convenience Retailer Avoids Cyberattacks: Weigel’s Farm Stores Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Powell, TN, Since 1931

Industry: Convenience and Fuel Retail

Size: 68 locations

Solution: PDI XDR Services

Business Challenges

  • Keeping up with network and endpoint security
  • Ill-prepared to prevent sophisticated cyber criminals
  • Too much time spent updating legacy antivirus products leading to poor time management

Solution Overview – PDI Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Keep all your sites up and running with advanced threat monitoring, detection, and targeted incident response. The fully managed PDI XDR Complete service provides the strongest combination of people, processes, and technology to stop ransomware and other cyberthreats from impacting your business.

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With PDI XDR services, Weigel’s now has access to the latest cybersecurity tools, methodologies, and expertise.

Customer Results

  • Continuous, real-time insights into security
  • Access to automated reports from any digital device
  • Control over filtering, and customized rules to comply with corporate guidelines
  • Immediate notification of all questionable threats

“With PDI, I know that I’m secure. I’ve got a partner that is monitoring my system 24 hours a day. And that takes a lot of pressure off me and my team.”

– Weigel’s

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