Did You Know?

Did you know? PDI is a lot more than just ERP.

Discover how we can help you secure your business, engage your customers, streamline your in-store operations, and so much more…

Did you know PDI has cybersecurity and network management solutions for your c-stores AND adjacent businesses?

C-stores, QSRs, fast-casual restaurants, and other retail formats can all benefit from PDI Security Solutions. Reduce IT complexity and costs with fully managed 24/7 monitoring, protection for edge computing, containerization, and advanced connectivity options for Wi-Fi and 5G services.  


Did you know POS systems are big targets for cyberattacks—and a risk to PCI compliance? Gain peace of mind that your business is well protected with fully managed cybersecurity services. Stop threats before they ever have a chance to impact your business.

Network Management

Did you know PDI offers a secure, fully managed Wi-Fi solution for your business and customers? Elevate your network with 5G and Wi-Fi as a Service. Simplify and secure your remote site networks with a cloud-based platform and protect your business with Firewall as a Service.

Did you know PDI can help you engage with your customers better, increase wallet share, and drive repeat visits?

With solutions specifically built to help c-stores increase customer loyalty and spend, PDI has decades of experience in convenience retail. From in-store offers, fuel discounts, and reduced transaction fees to building a more sustainable brand, we’ll help you deliver exactly what your customers want.


Did you know you can build a private label debit program that provides significant savings versus traditional credit card transaction fees? With PDI Payments you can reduce costs and build more loyal customers along the way (available in the US).


Did you know PDI has over 40 years of convenience retail loyalty program experience? Processing over 11 million transactions every month with our industry-leading solutions, we know how to optimize loyalty programs. Discover how we can help you build customer loyalty and incentivize repeat visits.


Did you know PDI has turnkey services to help you reach your sustainability goals? Elevate your brand among eco-conscious customers with carbon offsetting and other sustainability solutions built specifically for the fuel and convenience industry.

Offer Network

Did you know PDI can help you get CPG brand-funded offers into your store? We’ll connect you with national brands to increase sales and basket size. Start building brand awareness and increased visits with special offers from top-name CPG brands.

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