This Ford vs. GM Feud Could Shape the Future of EVs in America

Biden administration’s decision on $7,500 tax credit could determine China’s role in U.S. electric-vehicle industry

In June, Ford Motor Chief Executive Jim Farley pitched visiting members of Congress on the company’s plans for a $3.5 billion battery factory. Using Chinese battery technology at the Michigan plant, he argued, was a smart way for the U.S. to catch up with China’s expertise. 

Later the same day at the General Motors headquarters, CEO Mary Barra and her team had a different message for the lawmakers: Ford’s plans could be the harbinger of Chinese domination of U.S. car manufacturing.

At stake in the meetings, described by people familiar with them, was more than just pride between the old crosstown rivals. It was also the price many Americans could pay for their electric vehicles in the next 10 years—and how the automakers would invest billions of dollars to sell EVs in the U.S. 

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