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Core Challenges

Legacy Systems in Digital Transformation

PDI Home Increase Productivity ERP & Back Office Home and Back Office Solutions

Holistic management of your business complemented by head office functionality

PDI head and back office solutions give you a single platform that integrates with your existing systems so you can reduce costs while maintaining control and flexibility. Manage your convenience, fuel, and restaurant operations in one intuitive system, centralizing your inventory and pricebook to ensure consistent reporting and real-time data.

All-in-One Management Software

Get real-time visibility and control over your business regardless of where you are. Now you can centrally manage your price book and inventory by site, area, brand, or any combination you prefer. Streamline your reporting, setup, and maintenance with actionable insights for:

  • Central and multi-site management 
  • Workforce management 
  • Exception-based reporting 
  • Complex pricing decisions 

Business Challenge:

Landmark Industries Case Study

  • Landmark Industries, a convenience retailer and petroleum wholesaler, needed a solution that would scale as their needs evolved, providing operational insights and automation. 
  • Using PDI Back Office management software, Landmark Industries was able to create timely, customized reporting for actionable decision making. 
  • The company has increased operational control, improved efficiency by automating time-consuming manual administrative tasks, and facilitated better decision making with real-time data and insights.

Business Challenge:

Fast Break Case Study

  • Fast Break, a convenience retailer, needed a fully consolidated accounting system and customizable, reliable reporting to centrally manage their locations. 
  • Using PDI Back Office management software, Fast Break has created a centralized price book to accurately manage in-store inventory across all their sites. 
  • The company has increased consistency across their operations, eliminated error-prone manual processes, and decreased paperwork tasks through automation

PDI Point of Sale

PDI Point of Sale (POS) handles convenience store, fuel, and restaurant operations in a single, modern technology platform. Support a wider range of complex transactions and decrease employee training time. Improve store profitability through prompted upselling, leverage robust management tools to prevent fraud, and provide exceptional customer experiences. Get the mobile platform that delivers:

  • Promotions and upselling prompts 
  • Centralized and local configuration 
  • Always-on architecture

Electronic Payment Server (EPS)

Securely move your payment server to the cloud with a standards-based API shielding your POS and forecourt controller from the intricacies of supporting multiple payment protocols:

  • Scale your business while maintaining flexibility and security 
  • Facilitate loyalty programs, keeping your customers top of mind 
  • Leverage the software-driven, hardware- and POS-agnostic design 
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Our Capabilities

Connect your digital and physical operations in a central location to drive an unforgettable customer experience.

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Flexible Reporting

Create customized, real-time sales, profit, and margin reports to drive actionable business decisions.

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End-to-end Support

Backed by engineers nationwide, our support center operates seven days a week, so you can focus on delivering unforgettable customer experiences.

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Unparalleled Mobility

PDI device-agnostic solutions give you total flexibility, controllable hardware costs, and unlimited scalability.

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