Reimagine your operations and empower your back office with enterprise software solutions that unify and transform fast-growing convenience retail and petroleum marketing businesses.

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PDI Technologies acquires Blue Cow Software to expand and strengthen home heat offerings

Reimagine your enterprise

Get the software that helps you deliver unforgettable customer experiences every day. PDI enterprise software solutions drive efficiency and time-saving automation into every part of your store-level operations, with a strong financial core, effective pricing and promotions, ordering precision, and real-time inventory management that keeps your stores running at peak performance.

PDI Enterprise Workforce

Transform your business processes with PDI enterprise resources built on 40 years of insights from the c-store industry. Overcome your staffing challenges with a workforce management solution uniquely equipped to:

  • Improve accuracy with Employee Self-Service by decreasing errors and reducing manual touchpoints
  • Capture accurate employee data such as where, when, and how they work using PDI Time Clock, so you can keep your employees happy
  • Allow your employees to record their time without ever leaving the sales floor with PDI Web Portal
  • Break down information silos with better integration and a focus on what matters with customizable exception alerts using PDI Payroll

Business Challenge:

Anderson Oil Co. Case Study

  • Anderson Oil Co., a convenience retailer, needed a solution that would scale as their needs evolved, providing operational insights and automation.
  • Using PDI Enterprise Workforce, the company was able to reduce overtime hours 83% by using transaction data to optimize labor scheduling.
  • The company has increased operational control, improved efficiency by automating time-consuming manual processes, and facilitated better decision making with real-time data and insights.

Business Challenge:

Gilligan Company Case Study

  • Gilligan Company—a convenience retailer, QSR, and petroleum wholesaler—needed scalable software that could accommodate their fast-growing operations with a fully consolidated accounting system and customizable, reliable reporting.
  • Using PDI Enterprise Wholesale, the company reduced manual data entry times by 40 hours a week.
  • The company has increased consistency across their operations, reduced sales report efficiency from eight hours to five seconds, eliminated error-prone dual system maintenance, and decreased paperwork tasks through automation.

PDI Enterprise Wholesale

Discover why more than 250 petroleum marketers rely on comprehensive PDI financial, information, and inventory management software. Learn how to automate your fuel business and ensure accuracy from order generation to dispatch to delivery by:

  • Reducing the burden on your accounts receivable department with a seamless self-service customer portal  
  • Scaling rapidly whether you’re growing at a steady pace or acquiring thousands of sites at a time 
  • Focusing your attention on critical issues with time-saving exception reporting and alerts 

Make Your Back Office Your Broom Closet

Transform your retail site operations by giving store-level staff the freedom to do their job from anywhere in the store with PDI Retail Site Management. This automated, cloud-based software reduces the technology burden on IT staff by:

  • Managing your entire operation and store-level data from anywhere at any time 
  • Saving time with efficient, automated workflows and streamlined onboarding processes 
  • Simplifying your network deployments and software upgrades on the devices that work best for your business 
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Learn How to Grow Your Food Business Revenue

Gain actionable insights to efficiently scale and grow your foodservice offering.

Our Capabilities

PDI Enterprise productivity solutions are helping retail and petroleum wholesale businesses manage multiple aspects of their store-level operations, from financials to inventory management.

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Reduce inefficiencies with laser-fast lottery tracking. The process is as easy as: Scan, Post, Review.

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Create customized foodservice experiences while making timely, accurate business decisions to grow sales, control waste, reduce costs, and optimize labor efficiencies.

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Home Heat

Improve the efficiency and profitability of your propane or fuel oil business with fuel and service ordering, delivery route optimization, and wireless communication.

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