CBS NorthStar and PDI Technologies Join Forces to Provide Fully Managed Network Security and Services

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, March 4, 2024 (PRWeb) – CBS NorthStar and PDI Technologies have formed a strategic relationship designed to reshape network security and services across the restaurant and hospitality industries. This collaboration brings together CBS NorthStar, a leading technology solutions provider, and PDI Technologies, a renowned Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

At the core of this relationship lies a shared commitment to tackling the ever-evolving challenges that businesses face in the realm of cybersecurity and network management—removing complexity for restaurants and hospitality brands and allowing them to focus on operational success and growth. Here are the key highlights of the alliance:

  • Next-Generation Security Platform: Introducing a high-performance, enterprise-grade managed firewall designed to meet current and future application needs and ensure business scalability.
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi Powered by Aruba: Superior coverage and performance are available for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • PCI Compliance: PDI Firewall as a Service is fully PCI compliant, simplifying regulatory requirements and enhancing security.
  • Rapid Deployment: Preconfigured solutions for quick implementation that minimize downtime.
  • Always-On Internet: With best-in-class cellular backup services, PDI will deploy a backup Internet solution to each deployment.
  • Monthly Subscription Model: With a transparent and cost-effective monthly subscription model, PDI provides affordable access to top-tier security services, empowering businesses to enhance their cybersecurity posture without the burden of upfront costs.

Anthony Presley, Chief Technology Officer of CBS NorthStar, stated, “Ensuring that our customers have best-in-class networking communication is a high priority when a single network outage can negatively affect the business. Our collaboration with PDI Technologies empowers our customers with advanced security, connectivity, and compliance assurance, setting new industry standards.”

“Restaurants and hospitality brands face challenges keeping up with technology and modernizing their networks to scale their businesses and achieve profitability,” said Paul Melton, Vice President, Global Security Sales, at PDI Technologies. “With the next-generation platform from PDI, our customers benefit from a fully managed, advanced networking solution and ‘as a service’ delivery model. This allows them to stay focused on digital transformation and ultimately business growth. Together with CBS NorthStar, PDI can deliver an efficient, cost-effective, and secure managed networking solution that captures the full stack of firewall, switching, Wi-Fi, and reliable Internet connectivity from one provider.”

For more information about CBS NorthStar’s collaboration with PDI and the range of network support that is available, please visit the CBS NorthStar website or contact their dedicated customer support team.

About CBS NorthStar

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About PDI Technologies

With 40 years of industry leadership, PDI Technologies, Inc. resides at the intersection of productivity and sales growth, delivering powerful solutions that serve as the backbone of the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale ecosystem, as well as other retail and restaurant environments like quick-service restaurants (QSRs), fast casual dining, and more. By “Connecting Convenience” across the globe, we empower businesses to increase productivity, make informed decisions, and engage faster with their customers. From large-scale ERP and logistics operations to loyalty programs and cybersecurity, we’re simplifying the industry supply chain for whatever comes next. Today, we serve over 200,000 locations worldwide with solutions like the Fuel Rewards® program and GasBuddy®, two popular brands representing more than 30 million users. Visit the PDI Technologies website.

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