P3 Propane Safety Announces Phase 2 of Integration with PDI Technologies

PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE, April 4, 2024 (P3 Propane Safety) – P3 Propane Safety and PDI Technologies (formerly Blue Cow Software) are pleased to announce that Phase 2 of their integration has been released, which includes new features developed on behalf of mutual customers shared by the two software platforms.  

P3 and PDI released a Phase 1 integration in April, 2019. The initial release facilitated the secure passing of data from PDI to P3, including PDI customer account numbers, names, and addresses, along with daily gains and losses.  

The newest release, Phase 2, links PDI accounts directly to the equivalent accounts within the P3 Compliance System at the click of a button. This functionality allows users to quickly view relevant propane safety documentation, which leads to increased efficiency and greater data accuracy.  

Mike Procopio, Project Operations Manager at PDI, said of the integration, “We are pleased to launch Phase 2 of our integration with P3 Propane Safety. We look forward to continuing to support our mutual propane and commercial fueling customers with improved features that make their days and their businesses run more precisely, powerfully, and safely.”  

Jane Lapsley, integrations director of P3 Propane Safety, stated, “We are grateful to have the opportunity to release Phase 2 of our integration with PDI and are excited to continue working with them on future features.”  

To learn more about P3 Propane Safety and PDI Technologies, visit P3Propane.com and pditechnologies.com.  

About P3 Propane Safety

P3 Propane Safety simplifies propane regulatory compliance. They help hundreds of marketers across the US reduce risk, save money, and increase efficiency with the P3 Compliance System and P3 Mobile App. Learn more by visiting their website at P3Propane.com or contacting them at 888-995-9623. 

About PDI Technologies   

With 40 years of industry leadership, PDI Technologies, Inc. resides at the intersection of productivity and sales growth, delivering powerful solutions that serve as the backbone of the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale ecosystem. By “Connecting Convenience” across the globe, we empower businesses to increase productivity, make informed decisions, and engage faster with their customers. From large-scale ERP and logistics operations to loyalty programs and cybersecurity, we’re simplifying the industry supply chain for whatever comes next. Today, we serve over 200,000 locations worldwide with solutions like the Fuel Rewards® program and GasBuddy®, two popular brands representing more than 30 million users. Visit the PDI Technologies website.