New Report from PDI Technologies Updates State of Convenience Retail Innovation

Highlighted in the briefing are inputs from industry executives who attended the inaugural PDI Industry Innovators Summit  

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, March 9, 2023 (PRNewswire) – PDI Technologies, a global leader delivering powerful solutions and insights that serve as the backbone of the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale ecosystem, has released its “2023 Industry Innovators Report.” PDI created the report in response to the ongoing digital transformation in the store, at the pump, and throughout the convenience ecosystem.

The report includes analysis of the current state of convenience retail innovation and the vision for tomorrow, focusing on four key areas:  

  1. Changes in the macroeconomic environment 
  1. Shifting consumer shopping behaviors 
  1. Cloud, AI, and cybersecurity 
  1. Digital transformation of operations 

Influencing the report are inputs from top retailers and petroleum wholesalers—including technology and digital officers, IT executives, and operations and finance leaders, among others—who attended the inaugural PDI Industry Innovators Summit.  

“During our virtual summit and in other discussion groups, certain key factors kept surfacing,” said Linnea Geiss, Chief Operations Officer, PDI Technologies. “Among them were the changing macroeconomic environment and shifting consumer shopping behaviors. While external influences like these seem difficult to address, investing in innovation can be the differentiator in growing your business during challenging times.” 

“Convenience retailers, petroleum wholesalers and carriers, and CPG and consumer brands undoubtedly face many challenges,” added Vlad Collak, VP, Innovation & Web Services, PDI Technologies. “A heightened focus on innovation can create impactful user experiences, improve offerings, and fuel bottom-line growth during this time of digital transformation.”  

The “2023 Industry Innovators Report” also includes findings regarding personalization, energy transformation, foodservice, and AI in enterprises, as well as a look into the new product development process at PDI and how customers can benefit. Visit the PDI resource center to download and read the full “2023 Industry Innovators Report.” 

About PDI Technologies 

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