The Fuel Rewards® Program Named Top Gas and Convenience Loyalty Program by Bond Loyalty Report

Report recognizes top loyalty programs across multiple industries and attributes.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – August 11 2021 (PR Newswire) — The Fuel Rewards® program at Shell, a top-ranked national loyalty program that connects brands with over 25 million consumers, was named the top Loyalty Program in the Gas and Convenience category of the 2021 Loyalty Report by Bond Brand Loyalty. The report features the assessment of more than 450 Loyalty Programs in more than 15 industry sectors, across more than 85 attributes, by more than 25,000 North American consumers.

In asking participating consumers whether they are loyal to the report’s contending Loyalty Programs, for the first year, the Fuel Rewards program at Shell came out on top against other large, established multi-site retailers across both convenience and fuel brands.

“Even through an unpredictable year, consumers continue to attest to the benefits of the Fuel Rewards program,” said Bobby Spence, VP and GM, Fuel Rewards. “This recognition specifically speaks to our consumers’ loyalty to this program, the cost savings it provides on something they use every day — fuel, and the robust life cycle marketing capabilities of our Marketing Cloud Solutions team.”

Fuel Rewards members can redeem immediate savings on fuel at participating Shell locations and continue to earn additional savings by purchasing in the convenience store, shopping online, dining, and making day-to-day purchases at participating Fuel Rewards merchants or restaurants. These purchases accumulate into additional cents-per-gallon savings on future Shell fuel purchases.

“Shell customers see the value of loyalty through savings at the pump and inside the store. When combined with additional fuel savings through partnerships with AAA, Dunkin’ and other brands, our loyal customers have many opportunities to save. Thanks in part to these offerings, we find that our customers are loyal to Shell and we reciprocate by continually adding value through new partners with new ways to save,” said Greg Lemen, Loyalty Business Development Manager, Shell.

For more information about the Fuel Rewards® program, visit and download the Fuel Rewards® mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

About the Fuel Rewards® Program
The Fuel Rewards® program is the premier national loyalty program that connects national and regional brands with millions of consumers who enjoy earning cents-per-gallon savings at the pump. PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions powers and runs the Fuel Rewards® program that serves more than 25 million members and has helped them save over $2 billion on their fuel purchases to date. As a national coalition loyalty program, Fuel Rewards® members earn rewards on everyday purchases from a variety of retailers and can redeem cents-per-gallon rewards at over 13,000 Shell locations across the United States. To learn more about the Fuel Rewards® program and to become an issuing partner, visit

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Bond Brand Loyalty solves complex customer challenges with a unique blend of human-centered design, data science, and loyalty mechanics that transforms how brands win, serve, and keep customers. Working globally with iconic brands, Bond designs, builds, and operates digital and human experiences that create measurable, authentic, and long-lasting relationships through a combination of solutions that includes customer experience design, loyalty consulting and management, CRM and digital marketing, research and analytics, channel and employee engagement, and program technology and platforms. For more information, visit or connect by phone at 1-844-277-2663.

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