Vlad Collak, VP at PDI Discusses Terminal Visibility at PIDX Spring Conference

Discussion will focus on ways to connect retailers, wholesalers, carriers, and terminal operators with one version of the truth.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – April 26, 2021 — PDI, a global software company that provides leading ERP, fuel pricing, logistics, and marketing cloud solutions to convenience retailers and petroleum wholesalers, announced today that Vlad Collak, PDI’s vice president of engineering, innovation, and platform will speak at the PIDX International virtual spring conference taking place on April 28-29. The 2021 conference will discuss the best data formats to use, touch-less transactions, terminal automation, and engaging a hybrid workforce.

PIDX International provides a global forum for delivering the process, information, and technology standards that facilitate seamless and efficient digital business within the oil and gas industry and its trading community. PIDX is made up of oil and gas leaders and technology providers. PDI was invited to join in the downstream working group. Their mission is to support organizations participating in the petroleum downstream market sector and leverage electronic standards to improve industry best practices for company codes, terminal listings, and planned movements regional reference requirements.

Collak’s topic of discussion, titled Terminal Visibility: Paving the way to Innovation, will focus on collaboration and standardization, optimizing terminal automation to increase transparency and accuracy, and breaking down innovation barriers in downstream petroleum.

“Unlike in Europe, transportation and terminal automation systems in North America are rarely integrated, resulting in inefficiencies,” said Collak. “There are still many challenges to include dispatchers and drivers having low visibility into terminal wait times, low visibility into supply issues, loading problems at the rack, customer orders missing from BOLs making it more difficult to perform fuel reconciliation, and terminal operators unable to predict delays. We look forward to addressing these issues and more at the PIDX spring conference.”

Today there is very little to no integration between logistics systems, which creates all kinds of issues from drivers showing up to terminals and not being able to load, to delays at terminals or even reconciliation issues between the BOL and order information. Better integration would help terminal operators get value, such as potentially faster throughput at the terminal. At the same time, fuel marketers and carriers can benefit from more loads a day.

“Last year has been a pivotal year for the energy industry. Companies were challenged to do more with less and innovate to survive in a new environment,” said Chris Welsh, OFS Portal, CEO & PIDX International, Chairman of the Board. “Our spring conference this year will bring in speakers and industry leaders like Vlad to discuss how businesses can utilize PIDX standards in their roadmap going forward. We are happy to be able to gather virtually this year and discuss many of these critical issues the industry faces.”

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