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Are you best in class when it comes to managing your excise tax returns?

A recent report from Avalara and Aberdeen Strategy & Research captured insights from distributors, retailers, refiners, commodity traders, suppliers, and marketing professionals across the energy and fuel industry. Now you can learn all about their tax management processes and strategies for becoming a truly best-in-class market leader.


of energy and fuel organizations incurred penalties or interest from audits over the past year


Best-in-class companies are 57% more likely to implement a single-source solution for tax compliance management


of companies are leaning toward implementing a SaaS solution over an on-premise solution for tax compliance

Overcoming Tax Challenges in Energy and Fuel

Get an overview of the latest energy and fuel industry market dynamics. Discover key findings on energy and fuel tax management and learn tips for becoming a best-in-class leader in this space.

2023 Tax Changes Guide

New taxes on chemicals, crude oil, and petroleum products are just some of what’s fueling changes in the energy sector in 2023. In this guide, the tax experts at Avalara examine emerging trends, so you can stay ahead of an evolving tomorrow.

How Tax Automation Resolves Oil and Gas Tax Issues

Are you staying compliant? This webinar with PDI and Avalara explores the latest challenges in the oil and gas industry. Learn how automation can help you stay ahead of the ever-changing tax environment in a world where navigating regulation changes can be overwhelming.

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