Blinging Out the EV: Must-Have EV Accessories for a Smarter, Smoother Ride

Now that the rush of the holiday season is over, how many of you are still sitting on some leftover gift cards? I might just have a few ideas for you on how to spend them.

As I mention in pretty much every blog post, switching to an EV comes with a learning curve. However, having the right gear makes the transition much easier—plus, I just love accessories. Here are some of my favorite EV accessories that might enhance your daily driving experience just like they have for me.

Charging cable organizers

Keeping your charging cables from getting tangled is a must, and this handy pouch from JOTO stores my J1772 adapter, mobile connector, and cable neatly in my frunk. Its sturdy design also protects the plugs from getting crushed.

Oh, did you notice I said, “frunk?” That’s right—there’s an official term for the area in the front of the car that used to be the engine compartment. That tiny storage area is called a “frunk,” and I frankly think it’s a completely adorable term.

Here’s another cool organizer I like—and guess what? It comes in fun colors!

Cup phone holder

As you might have noticed from a previous blog post, I tend to use my phone a lot for EV apps. This adjustable holder from Magnetic keeps my device in sight and secure. It also fits different size phones and attaches right to my cupholder. I like this one in particular, because I can still use the cupholder and I’m a woman who needs multiple hydration choices at all times.

Seatback storage pockets

I love these nylon organizers that slip over the front seat headrests to create some extra storage space. They’re perfect for masks, wipes, charging cords, and other small items I like to keep close by. I also have a pair of teenagers, so this version works well for us.

Heated seat cushion

If you already have seat warmers, congratulations! If not, you might want to check out this plug-in heated cushion from Wagan. It warms up in almost no time and keeps the seat toasty warm, so it’s perfect for those chilly morning commutes. It’s thinner than most heating pads, so it fits nicely into the car.

Full disclosure, I’m actually using these cushions in the back seat. And it’s not for my teenagers. It’s for me when I make the teenagers chauffeur me around.

Frunk organizer

There’s my favorite new word again…did you know that you can buy cool cargo dividers for this smaller storage area? They’re great for keeping items from sliding around in the front trunk. I can carry chargers, a first aid kit, emergency tools, and more while keeping the space neatly organized. I’m not including a specific recommendation, because the organizer you select will vary, depending on the model of EV you’re driving.

Frunk cooler

Like the previous EV car accessory, this cooler depends on your frunk size. This one is specifically designed for a Tesla but works great in my frunk (I realize this sounds borderline inappropriate, but that’s probably part of why I love the term so much).

First aid kit

It’s always nice to refresh this purchase if you’re blinging out your vehicle or just trying to stay prepared for anything. My preferred kit has everything I want.

You do you!

There are all types of clever gadgets and accessories made specifically for EVs that I’m still discovering. Do you have any you would recommend? Let me know your favorites!

Part of the fun of driving electric is geeking out over all the high-tech solutions that make charging, hauling, and tooling around town even smoother. Be sure to check out my recommendations and see what you think. It’s a fun and easy way to upgrade your EV!

If you want to learn more, please check out the other posts from my EV blog series.

E-mobily yours,

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