Power in Partners: How PDI Offer Network Helps National Convenience Retailers Secure Brand-Funded Promotions 

Digital offers are a growing opportunity for convenience stores to drive foot traffic from pump to store. However, it can be a challenge to find, secure, and deploy brand-funded promotions to the right users. 

That’s where the PDI Offer Network can help. It connects national convenience retailers to the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands consumers love with data-driven go-to-market strategies that are designed to increase successful outcomes across today’s digital marketplace. 

Although brand-funded promotions are always a big hit for the c-stores they run in, bringing customers inside and expanding basket size, PDI brings more opportunities in the door by ensuring that brands are maximizing their investment. 

The value of securing incremental returns 

For convenience retailers, the hardest part of brand-funded promotions is finding and securing them. PDI Offer Network helps retailers overcome those obstacles by connecting big brands to the c-stores their target markets frequent—creating powerful partnerships that are structured for repeatable success. 

Brand-funded promotions offer a win-win-win strategy: 

  • C-store customers get to try new products at discounted rates 
  • Retailers get exciting new offers that stimulate purchases (at no cost to them) 
  • CPG brands can reach new audiences and learn more about their target market 

For convenience stores, any brand-funded offer is a great opportunity to bring customers inside the store. If a beverage discount draws a customer in from the pump, they’re likely to not only purchase that beverage—but a snack, too. 

The more strategic and data-driven a promotion strategy is, the more precisely it will target and reach the right audience. 

Driving new patterns with data 

Ideally, brands and retailers want offers to target consumers that don’t already intend to purchase an item. Having the right data to create compelling digital offers is the key to unlocking these customer segments. 

PDI delivers deep market insights gained from over a decade of experience running successful brand-funded promotions. Targeted offers driven by these analytics help brands and c-stores target smaller market segments—and even individual users—based on their past purchase behavior. Using that data, PDI can deliver digital offers to push discounts directly to the relevant consumers, rather than casting a wide net and hoping for the best.  

In-app notifications enable retailers to engage the right consumers when they’re outside a c-store getting gas, drive them inside, and influence their buying decision. The result is more engaged consumers and foot traffic moving from the pump into the store at a higher rate. 

On the cusp of customer-centricity 

We’re starting to see a big move toward customer-centricity in every industry, and convenience is no different. Overwhelmed with a constant stream of advertisements, consumers tend to respond only to offers that meet their specific needs. 

Customer-centric strategies support that trend by targeting individual customers with offers designed just for them. 

To streamline that transition, PDI is facilitating these customer-centric models by empowering brands and c-stores to access customer-level insights and act upon them by deploying compelling, user-specific offers. 

By embracing data and customer-centricity, many convenience retailers are advancing to the forefront of the industry. As you continue to navigate the evolving landscape, PDI is a valuable resource for insights and a well-connected ally that can help you unlock the full potential of brand-funded offers that help your business succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Discover how PDI Offer Network can help you unlock new growth opportunities.   

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