Payroll Automation Case Study: How PDI Helped CN Brown

Executive Overview

Industry: Convenience Retail, Petroleum Wholesale and Logistics

Size: 75 stores, 30 trucks, 25 heating oil offices, 11 service stations

Solution: PDI Enterprise and PDI Logistics

Business Challenges

  • Needed centralized control of retail operations across multi-site chain
  • Increasing network complexity with in-store devices and installation needed for each new location
  • Manual paperwork processes slowed workflow and reporting for stores
  • Wanted better inventory visibility and control from the head office to the store
  • In-store price changes and complex promotions were manual and labor intensive
  • Manual entry slowed the payroll process and delayed reporting
  • Lack of automation for planning and dispatching fuel orders

Solution Overview – PDI Enterprise and PDI Logistics

From financials to inventory to workforce management, convenience retailers and petroleum marketers get centralized control and one version of the truth.

Fleets of all sizes maximize efficiency, growth, productivity and profits with our end-to-end logistics solutions.

Read more about PDI Enterprise and PDI Logistics.

With PDI, CN Brown significantly reduced its payroll processing time and improved productivity across the organization without increasing staff.

Customer Results

  • Centralized system produced better visibility and information accuracy across the organization
  • Reduced time spent on paperwork auditing, pricebook updates and invoicing using automation
  • Eliminated manual payroll processes, which saved time and produced accurate, faster reporting for better decision making
  • Improved dispatch efficiency and accuracy with better load scheduling and tracking tools\
  • Decreased time-to-cash for fuel deliveries with automated billing

“PDI software has streamlined many processes in all areas of the company, allowing more time at the store level to focus on sales and at the corporate level to focus on data analysis.”

– CN Brown

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