Accurate, Time-Saving Lottery Solutions: E-Z Stop Food Marts Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Maryville, TN since 1984

Industry: Convenience Retail

Size: 23 locations

Solution: PDI Lottery

Business Challenges

  • Manual processes requiring cashiers to hand-key information
  • Need to log ending ticket numbers by pack on a piece of paper
  • Slow process prone to inaccuracies
  • Negative impact to customer experience within the c-store

Solution Overview – PDI Lottery

With PDI Lottery’s auto-scan capabilities, businesses are able to reduce lottery management time to mere minutes.

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E-Z Stop employees save 100 hours per week using PDI Lottery.

Customer Results

  • Resolved human error due to manual processes
  • Gained accurate inventory data and count information
  • Reduced time wasted at the store and head office
  • Increased speed and quality of customer service

“With PDI’s technology, the opportunity for human error is almost entirely removed from the equation.”

– Donna Perkins, Pricebook Manager, E-Z Stop Food Marts

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