Loyalty Simplified: Kepak Group Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Dublin, Ireland

Industry: Foodservice

Size: 30+ markets; 3,000 employees

Solution: PDI Loyalty

Business Challenges

  • Reward customers for their purchases to increase satisfaction
  • Create detailed reporting through integrations with Kepak HQ and Salesforce
  • Develop a fully integrated Kepak-branded rewards website and app

Solution Overview – PDI Loyalty

PDI Loyalty is a powerful, flexible solution that provides a 360° view of your customers.

  • Analyze basket-level data for both in-store and online purchases to identify opportunities to
    increase customer frequency and spend.
  • Create personalized, compelling customer offers and promotions.
  • Design and execute marketing campaigns to more effectively engage existing customers and attract new ones.

Learn more about PDI Loyalty

Using PDI Loyalty, Kepak Group can identify and reward high-value customers using real-time data.

Customer Results

  • Integrations with 16 distributors with 7 back-office systems
  • Daily transaction data received from 2,500+ customers
  • 2,000+ brand-specific product items processed daily

“We recommend PDI to any company that wants to work with a trustworthy and reliable partner capable of delivering technically complex loyalty programs.”

– Kepak Group

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