PDI Helps Improve Customer Experience: Palmer Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Atkinson, New Hampshire

Industry: Petroleum Wholesale

Solution: PDI Propane and Commercial Fueling ERP

Business Challenges

  • Legacy systems were not user-friendly or customizable 
  • Personnel were limited in the amount of data they could input
  • The dispatch system did not integrate smoothly with the ERP solution 

“The system is innovative and adaptable to the changing needs of our business and has allowed our company to provide a better customer experience.”

– Palmer Gas & Oil

Kevin Whittier, Business Analyst and Project Manager at Palmer Gas & Oil in Atkinson, New Hampshire, is a fan of Blue Cow Software, A PDI Company. So much so that Kevin has volunteered to sit with other fuel dealers to personally demonstrate how his company uses the Blue Cow Ignite® software system.

“Our relationship with Blue Cow Software has been fantastic for us,” says Kevin. “Blue Cow’s Ignite system is innovative and adaptable to the changing needs of our business and has allowed our company to provide a better customer experience.”

He adds, “We utilize the full Ignite suite, including Analytics and Mobile, to run our business. It is great to have a comprehensive back office energy package that can handle billing, service work orders, delivery forecasting, inventory – the works. The software is easy to use and helps us save time. It’s nice because, as a project manager, I can use all of Ignite and I don’t need to jump around between different programs and screens.”

Unlimited Potential

Kevin says that Palmer Gas & Oil had gone through a couple of software programs prior to finding Blue Cow Software, but neither lived up to expectations. The systems were not user-friendly, not customizable, and they used an outdated interface that made it difficult to import or extract data.

“Our other software stopped developing and keeping up with changing technology. We were also limited in the amount of data we could input, which is not ideal for a fuel business that is growing and expanding,” says Kevin. “On the other hand, Blue Cow Software makes the changes we want to see, and they are always working to help. With Ignite we can have unlimited categories and group codes that are customizable to meet our specific needs, and scalable to keep pace with our growth.”

Palmer Gas & Oil made the decision to cut their losses with their old software and step up to Ignite after seeing the software in action. “We were impressed by the layout of the account screens and how easy they were to use,” recalls Kevin. The Palmer team also got feedback from other Blue Cow Software customers before making the switch.

“They all had great things to say about the software and the company,” according to Kevin. “And they were right. The Blue Cow team has been eager to respond to our requests and make changes that enable us to better use their software for our company. They are great to work with!”

A Simple Transition

“With any transition there is a concern about disruption in business operations. But the switch to Ignite was easy thanks to the support we received from the Blue Cow team,” says Kevin. Palmer Gas & Oil purchased Ignite in the Fall of 2013, with an idea of rolling it out in 2014. They were able to update legacy data and make decisions with Blue Cow on specifics such as aging and merging accounts. Blue Cow Software worked to integrate multiple vendors to make the system exactly how the team wanted it to be. The result was a smooth integration and the system went live in April 2014.

“The transition to Ignite had a positive effect on every department because we use it for everything. For instance, it improved how we do deliveries. Before Ignite we had to use a number of different programs, and our team had to know a bunch of different commands in order to pull up certain information. We have over 19,000 active accounts and trying to remember commands was difficult. Now it’s all laid out right in front of you.”

Digging into Data

In his position as Business Analyst, Kevin uses Ignite Analytics to gain an at-a-glance snapshot of the business to help with planning, scheduling, and making decisions based on real-time data. Palmer Oil & Gas is working with Blue Cow Software to make Analytics even more customized for their business needs, enhancements that will not only benefit Palmer, but also other companies using Ignite.  

Going Mobile

The company also added the Mobile module to their Ignite suite, for both the fuel delivery and service departments. “We were one of the first Blue Cow Software customers to go with Mobile when it was introduced,” recalls Kevin. “The previous dispatch system we were using was not working the way we had anticipated. Mobile was the perfect solution, especially because it integrates so smoothly with the Ignite system.”

Teaming Up for Continued Success

“Palmer Gas & Oil’s relationship with Blue Cow Software has been absolutely fantastic. From a business perspective, we feed off of each other’s input and ideas, allowing both companies to reap the benefits from future improvements,” says Kevin.

“We keep an open line of communication between ourselves and Blue Cow. They are always willing to listen to our suggestions and make the best effort to get these solutions into the system.”

“We have a very friendly and fun relationship. Not many companies can say the same about their vendors. When we look at Blue Cow, we do not see them as just vendors, we see them as friends. It’s good to have that kind of relationship – they’re working to make us better and we’re helping to make them better.”

Solution Overview – PDI Propane and Commercial Fueling ERP

Blue Cow Ignite is now PDI Propane and Commercial Fueling ERP

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