A Smarter Way to Pay Your Workers: Par Mar Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Marietta, Ohio

Industry: Convenience Retail

Size: More than 52 locations and 700 employees

Solution: PDI Workforce

Business Challenges

  • Had been relying on spreadsheets and paper for employee scheduling
  • Lacked real-time data on overtime costs
  • Labor reporting was limited at best
  • Software lacked visibility and control across all retail sites

Solution Overview – PDI Workforce

When you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business. And nothing keeps your employees happier than getting paid for the incredible customer service they provide every day.

PDI Workforce with the Time Clock product helps you do just that by accurately capturing who your employees are and when, where, and how they work.

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Thanks to PDI’s software, Par Mar was able to reduce overtime at its stores by more than 50 percent.

Customer Results

  • Greatly improved time spent creating schedules
  • Gained visibility into the number of labor hours needed per site
  • Added ability to make real-time schedule adjustments during the week
  • Site managers surveyed overwhelmingly approved of new software and labor scheduling tools

“Just by cutting overtime alone, we’ll more than triple our initial investment in just a year. Combine that with the software’s ease of use, and you have a product that I’d recommend to any retailer.”

– Nichole Evans, VP of Accounting and Finance, Par Mar Oil Company

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